Friday, October 15, 2004

Fast track to Mad Old Batdom.

Yes, it's happening. I'm on the express to Mad Old Batdom and I'm not sure a return trip is possible.

I'm not sure what has sparked it today. I had a daily ration of chocolate. A large piece of mud cake for breakfast. (I find chocolate cake is excellent for any meal of the day.)

Maybe it's my impending birthday. Maybe I just don't like the thought of other people being so incredibly happy. Maybe I know I won't get Matt Hardy dipped in chocolate for my birthday.

Why can't I have Matt Hardy dipped in chocolate? Well?

I haven't knitted today or yesterday. It must be making me uptight.

Hopefully I'll get some knitting squeezed in between dinner and the end of Johnathan Creek. Which project will I pick? Hmmmm, this could be exciting.

That's my riveting Friday night. What is everybody else doing?

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