Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I have completed my second mitten, it dosen't look as good as the first one however so I am a little disappointed.

And do you know what this means? One less project underway. This means I can start something else (or more to the point devote the time to something abandoned. But these are not new and interesting any longer).

So I thought I'd work on some Halloween projects. A witch's outfit for Barbie, complete with hat and broom from I'm sure I have black and orange yarn knocking about at home.

Then the ultimate costume decoration - Hallowig form Knitty. This may require more work, it's on double-point needles. And I need to find just the right colour. Magnum produce a very vivid purple colour I just adore.

Lucky link for today is:

Before I finish for today I would like to reccomend a book to you all I have just read. Married Alive by Julie Birchill, a very funny book and worth the read.

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