Monday, October 04, 2004

I'm counting!

I'm counting down the days to my birthday and even better the days to Halloween. If only I'd been born a week later.....

I started the hood on my Italian scarf (finally!) and it looks really good. Look for a photo real soon.

****The following may offend some witches, I'm sorry, but I love the old hag and the trashy temptresses! Give me more!****

Onto more knitting and Halloween, in their knitting section have a Halloween section. My personal favourite - Barbie Witch's outfit. It's so cute!
But is Barbie a real witch? do have to buy her friends.......

Speaking of Barbie's, I do believe I have mentioned the Gothic Bride Cake before? I'll include the link
here, because I'm not sure I put it in last time. It's over at Cat Smith DIYing. How gorgeous is it?

It may be very kitsch but I love themed food. Cooking for Halloween is my ultimate fave, probably because I get to make lots of stuff shaped like ghosts and skulls.

Halloween wouldn't be complete without a trashy witch flick or better yet multiples!

I'm loving I've Been Waiting For You, it's based on a story (Gallows Hill) written by the author of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Perhaps not on the same scale as Last Summer the movie. Never read either of the books however.

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