Thursday, October 07, 2004

Work, work, work.

Work has re-commenced on the Dr Who scarf. My sister informs me she thinks we're approaching the start of the Tom Baker era. I will need to knit lots and lots to get this finished in time. I have passed the halfway mark, I hope. I haven't been brave enough to count the grand total of rows in the scarf. But I have counted the stripes. I've done 24 and have 14 to go. As soon as I get this block of maroon done it's all short stripes to the end.

I'm not feeling very partial to my mittens, no I don't like them. I've tried to counteract this by wearing them and thinking how nice and warm they are. We seem to have hit a cold snap again, at least where I am feels very cold, especially at night.
I suspect my mother will be getting a pair of mittens very soon.

I got a complimentary copy of Elann's newsletter yesterday. It features four yarns, three of them Jo Sharp! I have finally had a chance to feel the Silkroad Aran, Silkroad Aran Tweed and the Rare Comfort Kid Mohair.

I've had a good fondle, stroked them all and decided to hell with the cost I have to have some! I was thinking of buying some of the Rare Comfort Kid Mohair so as to make some socks and a hot water bottle cover as featured in Jo Sharps Fourth Book – Home. I'd like to try socks and a hot water bottle cover in kid mohair just seemed so decadent. How can I not make it?

The pictures besides the Rare Comfort Kid Mohair in the Elann newsletter are of “Nouveau” Crocheted Shawl and “Cosmopolitan” Wrap Cardigan both of which come from Jo Sharp Village. They look gorgeous. I must learn to crochet. I must buy Jo Sharp Village.

Bags are the new scarves. I need to break away from scarves and the only other thing that really excites me is bags. After reading Clemtines's Shoes (another knitters blog, a must read) I had to ask about her In The Bag bag. She pointed me in the direction of In The Bag's website. I think my favourite design was the same one Diana was working on, it's called Winter Collection 2003 - Slimline. I've added it to my future to make list. It never seems to end.

Having made mittens I am very keen to now try gloves. Knitting a pair of gloves just seems very cool.

I am still very envious of my sister (and fellow knitter) and her very exciting projects. Namely the Alien Illusion Scarf from Stitch N' Bitch. Now she's also got two beanies on the go. One with a cable and the other one is a “ski hat” and features a fair isle pattern of snow flakes.

I spent almost a year knitting squares before I branched out into more “challenging” projects. After a month and an not even quarter finished square my sister had branched out into very cool projects.

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