Saturday, October 09, 2004

Things that fly.

I was just thinking how time flies, and so do witches.

It was election day here today. Oh yeah. I'm sure it will allow lots of knitting time tonight as all we're bound to get is election coverage.

I'm a bit bewildered about this Family First party that has sprung up. Who are they? I asked my sister having never heard of them before. According to my sister what she's heard from one of their candidates is they think mosques and bottle shops are supposed to be somehow related to the devil. And another of their candidates claimed that all lesbians are witches.
Okay, I think we now know what kind of party they are. The Raving Idiot Party. Do people actually vote for these people? I hope not, they should be thoroughly discouraged at every available opportunity.

But I suspect like those people who persist on knocking on doors to tell people about God they are not easily discouraged. Not that I have anything against God. I just object to being awoken early on a Saturday morning by cheerful people eager to tell me about him.

I continued to work on the skirt of Barbie's knitted witch's dress last night. It looks really good so far, it has a ruffle around the base. I'll post a picture hopefully sometime over the rest of the weekend of it and my other projects (mittens - completed, mini-bag - nearly completed).

I have been working on Dr Who but he's been put to one side for Barbie. She's so much easier to work on. I will get Dr Who done - eventually.

While reading Yarn Harlot (very cool blog, an absolute must read) I've become fascinated with the Thrum Mitten Along. I was reading about the pair she made and they looked really trippy. They also look like they might be hard. Hmmmmm, when has that stopped you Suzi? I'll just jump in with both feet and see what happens.

In seeing there is nothing but election coverage tonight I might have to ransack the DVD shelf and see what I can come up with to watch. I think in honour of October and the Family First Party it'll be a trashy witch movie!

I'm thinking it might be Elvira - Mistress of the Dark tonight. Very trashy but very funny movie!

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