Saturday, October 16, 2004

What I've done today.

While cruising other people's knitting blogs and cruising knitting blogs they had links to I discovered this site - Domiknitrix. She has designed a very cool devil hat pattern. I absolutley love it. I may have to buy a copy.

Yes as you've proably noticed I'm less of a cranky old bag today. Miracles do happen.

My sister and I rummaged through the Dr Who Scarf bag where all the wool and the ball bands are kept for this project. Do you think we could find the band for the mid-brown which we need to buy more of? No. So we are going to have to take the remaining wool and try and match it.

I'm pleased to say that the scarf is past the halfway mark, it'll be so much quicker to finish now. I really must force myself to work on it.

As soon as I figure out how it's done I'm going to put my fave blogs to read down the side here. Other people have it, you know a list of names and you can click and go see the blog or site. Just as soon as I figure it out.....

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