Saturday, October 23, 2004

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to.

Today is the day, it's my 26th birthday. And what a boring day it is too. The highlights of the day so far was joining the Hallowig Knit Along (my first knit along!) and getting a gift voucher for Spotlight from my sister.
I don't know what I'll spend it on, my sister's like I'm sure you can find something. That's not the problem, deciding which of all the things I find to actually get is going to be the hard part.
As you've probably noticed I have been fiddling with my blog outlay again. I can't help it, now I've figured out how this HTML stuff works, about getting buttons that don't already have code pre-written onto my blog and just finding more stuff I can't resist.
Yes, I am a button-a-holic. If you have a button I will most likely make off with it and put it on my blog.
And for those who don't have buttons I have mastered the art of clickable names. Like some people have a list of blogs they read and you can click the name and go there. I'm not sure what the technical term for that would be. But I refer to it as clickable names because I know what I'm on about, even if my sister the computer geek doesn't know what I mean.
What we have know down the right side of my blog is – Ezekial the DoK's resident feline who counts how many people are coming through my blog, if it slows down I'll know I'm boring you all and try to write something exciting. Isabella the Weather Goth with a weather report from my capital city, unfortunately I can't get a closer report yet. Beneath Isabella is the guide to the moon's phases from my part of the world, probably only really important to me.
Then we have all the knitting links, since my blog is about my knitting and what happens around it. It has some very cool knitting sites, knit alongs (if I'm currently doing any), blogs I like to read, blog rings I've joined so I can read more knitting blogs and links to local knitting groups in my area.
The knitting links and blogs I like to read will probably expand.
What's next? That's right all my pro-wrestling links and all things related to it. Which is followed simply by stuff I've seen somewhere and couldn't resist. Assorted odds and ends, though amongst all the weird stuff there will be some sensible links.
I always check out links on other people's blogs, but then I could just be nosy. I love my buttons and links, I'm kinda disappointed when I go to someone's blog and they have none. I think even though some ones taken the time to write a post for their blog you can learn a lot more about them and their interests from stuff they link to. And you can also learn a lot in general checking out some of the links. You just never know what you'll find.


Anonymous said...

Hey--Happy Birthday! Hope it's a fun one.

Christina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (a day late, sorry!)
About the linked words/names... if you're using the blogger posting page, then highlight the word you want to be a hyperlink, click on the button that looks like a world, add the address, and it becomes a hyperlinked word. Is that what you mean?