Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ah me hearties, I am not hearty!

We had our SnB Knitting Coven yesterday, which was a little too exciting as I had to come home and go to bed I was so tired. And I didn't actually do anything, I was just sitting in my seat, my boogelly cold has given me a sore throat which makes have conversations longer then monosyllables difficult so I didin't even talk as much as I normally do.

I've got a boogelly bug that has made me sad and pathetic. As opposed to being just sad as a fan of Mrs Mac.

But part of the excitment came about with the arrival of some goodies from the Wool Shack that Cindy, Sharon and I went in jointly to order to combat the exorbant postage costs that charge.
I finally have my new K1 magazine with the pirate knitting and an interesting article on useful knitting phrases in foreign languages. I kept trying to recite Italian to my sister, unfortunatly my pronounciation leaves a lot to be desired and she had trouble identifying what I was on about at all. After looking at the article she was able to pronounce them for me and also the Japanese. It is very handy having a tri-lingual fmaily member.

After I had a bit of a lie down and rested my eyes, my mother rests her eyes alot, she is NOT, NOT I repeat asleep, just resting her eyes, I was able to finally have a knit with my new bamboo needles, I have started a Jaywalker sock for me out of some Hot Sock yarn, Four Seasons Print in a black, white and two shades of grey colourway and it is knitting up well. At least I think it looks good, I know looking at pictures socks others have picked don't do anything for me, but then they probably wouldn't like what I pick. It all works out in the end.

We had a new member at our meeting yesterday, Caroline, a very friendly lady. But we got to discussing knitting magazines, Caroline hasn't bought any of the recent offerings and wanted to know what we all bought and what was best.
Cindy and Sharon we're saying how they get Interweave and Vogue regulary, Cathy and Katt who sit at the other end of the table don't get Interweave or Vogue, I get them semi-regular depending on what's in them and how the budget looks however I am a devoted fan of Vogue's Knit 1 magazine which I don't think any one else gets.
Simply Knitting is another popular one, Cindy, Katt and I all get this one. Then there is Creative Knitting, which I nearly always get depending on what's in it but Cathy and Katt get this one regulary, Cindy and Sharon do also get this but I don't think all the time???
Sandra simply looks at mine and finds things for Margaret and I to knit for Christmas presents, Margaret however simply reads mine and frequently asks me to look for patterns in them for something she's planning to knit.

How much help we all were I am not certain, because I think our choices are based upon what we all most like to knit or do knit. Vogue and Interweave don't offer up as much choice for little people things as say Creative Knitting or even Simply Knitting, but they do offer more choice and sometimes a nicer variety of stuff for adults.
I think Vogue is the dividing line in our SNB, all the Vogue knitters sit at one end of the room and the non-Vogue knitters sit at the other.....Not that we're clique or ignore each other, far from it. But then it could be also the eccentrics sit together at one end and the not so eccentric sit at the other away from us?

Well, dear readers that's how I interperet it, but I would love to hear other people's ideas on what the best knitting magazines are.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who's sick and not happy at all.


Fifi said...

Hope you feel better soon! I can't wait to see your jaywalkers, I want to make those too.

metal and knit said...

well magazines personally vogue is over priced and full of advertising. i have yarn and creative knitting subscriptions.also love simply knitting as the yarns are explained better and more variety than the expensive out of budget or cant get yarns.

2paw said...

Sitting at THIS end of my computer desk with all my Knit Simple friends - that's the name of the Vogue mag, not a comment on their cognitive functioning!!- I'm striking a pose- Vogue!!
Sorry you're still not feeling better. Hope it passes soon!!
I am an unstoppable buyer of magazines - and not just new ones, though I don't get every Creative Knitting. I also collect very old Patons Woolcraft books. I sat on one tonight. I am knitting the House of Elliott men's socks. RIP magazine, and when I say 'RIP' I mean 'Rip'!!!

amanda j said...

Hope you feel better soon Suzi. I browse a lot of magazines, and have bought only a couple. I tend to be a cheapskate!!

Sharon said...

You were very quiet at the Vogue end of the table but at least you still managed to come, hope you are feeling better soon.

Interweave Knits is definately my favourite.

I so can't wait to see a piccy of your jaywalkers and of course your opinion of it as I have heard a lot of mixed comments on it. The bamboo sock needles are worth every cent aren't they.

amanda j said...

Haha and ahoy! I ventured out this afternoon and ended up with the pirate magazine too. So much for browsing. *sigh*