Monday, May 22, 2006

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Here is my first Jaywalker finished! And thanks to my time and money spent on being a Voguette, I discovered I could use a three needle bind off in place of a graft for the toe. This makes me a very, very happy woman indeed!
I abhorr sewing up and grafting is boogelly, but never again, all my socks (well top down) from now on will be finished with a three needle bind off!

Of course the second one has yet to be started, the only trouble with socks is once I've finished the first one, rather than knit the second matching one, I want to start a new different one.

I was very pleased with the result of how the Hot Sock's knitted up and as you can see my foot model and photographer's (budget restirctions you understand) pet also thought they were lovely and apparently tasty!

The next project on the needles is a pair of fingerless mittens from the now defunct Aussie online knit magazine Southern Cross Knitting.

I am knitting them up out of some Patonyle and if the pattern is to be believed, it will take only one ball to make one pair!

It remains to be seen if this is in fact true or not.

Also just started is the Aran Earwarmer from Creative Knitting Issue 15. The pattern so far has annoyed me, why they must write a note at the start to tell you to slip one and then write pattern instructions that do not include the slip one is beyond me.

i.e Cast on 14 stitches.

Note: The first stitch of every row must be slipped either knit or purwise.

Row 1 (RS): P3, K8, P3

Which if I am not mistaken equals 14. Now I may just be nit picking but a purl is not the same as a slip one purlwise.
How I think they should have written the pattern should have been to omit the Note and simply put the slip stitch in.
i.e Cast on 14
If they must have a note, something sensible like - Note: First stitch should be slipped purl wise or knitwise on appropiate side of work e.g purlwise on right and knit wise on wrong.
Row 1 (RS): Slip 1, P2, K8, P3

My personal opinion anyway.
Also in my personal opinion, this shrug is gorgeous! And it is going on my To Knit List.

I must get back to be a cranky old bag and knitting my mitten and seeing if one ball really does make a pair, unfortunatly on metal needles. Although I hope to get some more bamboo needles soon, I had a bit of a spend up the other week while I was still solvent part of which arrived the other day.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn cold.


2paw said...

Oh, what a lovely Jaywalker!! Surely as a pirate queen you could get away with one - the wooden leg won't get cold!!! Cool 3 needle bind off - isn't it good? I actually like the grafting!!!
CK tries hard, but they need to try harder!!!
That is a v v nice shrug too!! Hurry up Jaywalker!!!!!

amanda j said...

Why not wear odd socks? In this freezing weather no one sees your sock anyway! I am working up to doing Jaywalkers. Maybe next.

metal and knit said...

gee i love the jaywalkers. I will have to grft my toes cos they will be put into the show and they dont like 3 needle cast off for them but now you have learnt the technique use it on all your sholders it saves sewing time

Sharon said...

I love your Jaywalker Suzi, wow that was super quick knitting. That shrug is lovely too.

Larjmarj said...

I just started my first Jaywalker too. Fun pattern and yours looks great! Marj

metal and knit said...

just for you suzi a willywarmer/cock sock pattern

Katie said...

Thanks for the link to that shrug, it's beautiful, just another one to add to the neverending list...