Thursday, May 25, 2006

I haven't really progressed any furthur on the knit front since yesterday, so far today I have been to a Big Morning Tea and then to lunch with a friend and have only just got home to start rummaging through e-mail and checking in with my SNB KC contempories to see if we are onboard for this weekend for the market.

We are. And I am very excited, I like going to the market, knitting, talking, taling, talkng and of course knitting.

My new bamboo double points, actually have the sizes printed on in tiny print, in the case of the 2mm even tinier print!
Also added to my needle collection are two lovely wooden pairs of 10mm straights and a set of 4 metal double points, size so far unknown. To the needle gauge! Da da da duh da da...I picked them up in an op shop this afternoon, not much else on the knitting front in it apart form some odd metal straights and a number of plastic double point sets in varying colours.

The new Knitty surprises are up, and well, nothing excited me. The baby halter is cute but suited really for another climate altogether different to my own.

You may notice some changes to my blog sidebar, I will be doing a bit of blog maintenance ove rthe next week to make things a little more concise and elimnate a few dead links.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


amanda j said...

Hmm, not too sure about the new knitty items. Well done on your op shop shopping. I really need to get myself down there!

Cathy said...

Good on you for op shopping. Join the club.

Corrections for the earwarmer are on the S'n'B site for you.


2paw said...

Great Op shop bargains!!!! The Labradors need new TeddyBunnies on Tuesday!!!! Yes, the Knitty surprises are, well, surprising to say the least!!!

Sharon said...

Yes the market is on this Saturday, see you there after I have done the soccer bit with the boys.

Op shopping, love it.

Knitty didn't 'speak' to me at all, I'll pass on all three thanks.