Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm baaaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I have returned. It is unsurprisingly, rather dark here on the Darkside.

I have been cxaught by a number of bugs one of which is the quiz, the other is somehting boogelly that has me laid low waiting for Death or Godo, whatever comes first.

There is more to blog about, the conclusion to the yoghurt experiment, what I have been doing that has left me no time to myself. And all manner of other odd things that go on around me weaving the tapestry that is my life.



Fifi said...

Tough quiz!! All the crazy answers seemed like you..?

2paw said...

Yes, I thought it was a tough quiz - almost all of the answers seemed right!!!

Cathy said...

It was definately a tough quiz but how like Suzi.


Little Purl said...

Hey, you're back! Yay!
Tough quiz - I gave up in embarrassment. The answers were terrible - stop looking at me like that! You made it reaaallly hard. Hmph. No fair.