Friday, May 26, 2006

Decisions, decisions!

I'd like to offer up a thnakyou to Cathy for providing me with the corrections fro the Aran Earwarmer, it is now back underway and looking like th picture!

I have a hankering (hank! get it?) to make a project of the decade. ie something lacey and Oh My! So I have compiled a short list of possible candidates. The three catergories are Socks, Shawls/Wraps and finally Scarves.

Falling Leaves
Straight Laced Socks
Happy Socks

Leaves and Waves
Shawl Trifecta - The Frozen Lake is my personal pick.
New Vintage Capelet

Branching Out

This is perhaps only the tip of the iceberg as far as potential patterns go, but I have to start compiling a list somewhere. As much as I'd like to do a wrap or shawl it would probably become a project of the centery and perhaps socks or a scarf would be better suited to a decade.
My dear readers, I'm willing to hear anybody's opinions/experiences with the above patterns or perhaps any other suggestions you can make. I do have a decade so there is plenty of time to choose!

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who is making more UFO's as opposed to less and not to proud about it.


2paw said...

Such a good idea - I'm about to start Eunny's Print O' the Waves stole with my special new lace yarn. Like I haven't already got a thousand things on the go, but I have looked at all your listed items and they are to be lusted after - how will you choose??? Love the socks, the shawls and the scarves and I have knitted some of them too!!! I want to say it in the proper TV voice : Project - of the Century!!!

metal and knit said...

Well I am partway thru branching out and if it is afirst lace project it is ideal. Unless you want to take up the world cup soccer challenge and pick a item you really have a challenge with.

ruthee said...

The Broadripple sock is a great knit, very addicting....=)

Cathy said...

I have knitted a few of the projects on your list.

Good luck with your ten year plan.

There is a link to virtual pets on my sidebar and they have a spider as a pet and you can feed it flies.

How cool.


msfortuknit said...

youll get them all done before 10! :)

Cheers for this!