Monday, May 15, 2006

The quiz is hard? How can this be? I thought I was like an open book, that everybody knew everything at a glance.
Is it possible I have not shared enough?

Anyway, I am going to share some more now. Things I am loving at the moment.

Collecting good looking men - Now this is an ingenious concept. I like it. I like it a lot! Thanks to Ms Fortuknit for this inspiration.

Imaginary husbands - I am toying with the indecision of being Mrs Grissom or perhaps Mrs Angel, but this last one presents two problems as good Angel he's rather house broken but is inclined to slouch, as bad Angel he seems to find good posture and some very nice leather pants. Decisions, decisions! Thankyou Mrs Macgyver!

Drinking wine with friends - Mrs Macgyver is my saving grace, my mother always says to me "You shouldn't drink alone", well apart from the Daft White Cat most nights I only have the people on the tv or my collection of daddy long legs (this fluctuates as the DWC seems to think that they are something to eat).
Now I have a new plan, I shall ring a friend. Preferably also a wine drinking one....Katt will have to become a Merlot swigger with me.

Who is the wonderful Mrs Macgyver and where has she been all this time? She is a friend (possibly) of Cindy's. And the only conclusion I can draw from this is that Cindy seems to keep some strange company, I will have to discuss this with her when I see her at Knitting Coven tomorrow.

Anyway darlings, Patsy and Edie are calling, I do believe it's champers time!


2paw said...

Suzi I AM strange company!! I jast maintain a thin veneer of social normality to lull everyone into a false sense of security??
Who is Mrs MacGyver? Who? Who? Who? Who? She is the kind of woman who can throw over Captain Archer for Mr MacGyver - and Mr MacGyver is not set in stone : General O'Neill is lurking charmingly in the background!!!
Glad you are feeling better and the yoghurt is behaving!!
Alternate your Imaginary Husbands!!!

amanda j said...

Hey Suzi, you are not drinking alone! You can imagine me more often than not with a giant glass in my hand!! And as for Tubey, after much research and reading of kal blog entries I decided tight horizontal stripes around my solid middle and ample bosom were perhaps not the most intelligent path to take!!! So, no Tubey. Even though I bought the yarn for it.

metal and knit said...

i dont drink alone i drink with my friends on msn so scotch any1

MrsDrWho said...

Just for you who are interested...I am an international woman of mystery. I live in the fast paced world of total fantasy and imagination!!!! Why , in the last week alone i have been to Oz and had a trip on a pirate ship !!!
Pass the rum...and the phone.
Mrs MacGyver