Thursday, May 04, 2006

What a wicked web we crawl when we plan to seek!

It's always exciting I think when someone new leaves you a comment, because then that's someone else's blog to have a look at. And of course the potential of even more new blogs and other exciting sites that they like to visit...

Well I'm very pleased Ms Fortuknit left a comment, because I got to check out her cool blog. Loved it! And thanks to her discovered such gems as Knit It Black - another excellent blog that shall go on my regular read list.
The second find was the most incredible treasure of all, Punk Rock Domestics. I can't believe it's only now I discover this!
It's coolness aside, I include the link for PRD here mainly for if I am MIA for a number of days you'll know why and where to find me.

While cruising PRD, I was poking about he links section to see what else I could find. And I have two words for you! SKULL NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and the book looks pretty cool as well.

On the homefront I started to organise the ironing baskets, I've actually managed to elimante a few things form them. Namely towels, so rather than ironing baskets they were more like baskets of washing that didn't get sorted straight away. I've got it all neatly stacked in two baskets waiting for me to get to work on it. I think Friday afternoon will become Ironing day.
Of course the flat stuff like table cloths, tea towels and pillow cases will get done first. Purely because they are so easy, and you can accumalate a pile of nicely ironed items very quickly which makes it look like you have been sooooo domestic.

That's my winning tip, take it, leave it or use it.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who does actually like ironing. Usually.


Cathy said...

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv the skull needles.

Does this rate as a comment?


Sharon said...

Isn't it great what other suprises a new comment can bring, that is why I don't understand why more bloggers don't leave comments.

You must like ironing, anyone who irons tea towels and pillow cases must definately like ironing. Or am I just lazy???

Pass on to Sandra and Margaret that I am glad that they are pleased with their socks xx

2paw said...

OK, I had a bit of an ironing theme too!! Only mine was land, not manchester!! Very nice needles, I reckon with a bit of FIMO, needles and an oven you could make and bake your own!!!!

msfortuknit said...

Im so glad you dug the links Suzi! Im such a dork that all i do is cruz for cool... I added another link, its a stiching link...its very cool I think its the last one on my list give it a go doll!