Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Documenting an Experiment

For posterity's sake, and as a possibly handy not what to do for anybody else remotely intrested in yogurt making I write these step-by-step instructions.

1. Buy EasiYo maker from op shop - DO NOT be deterred by lack of jar.
2. Assure mother you are not mad and that supermarkets as well as stocking the maker kits, sachets of mixes also carry extra jars you can purchase seperatly.
3. Search two supermarkets and find nothing but kit and sachets.
4. Search a K-Mart and find no EasiYo at all.
5. Get highly annoyed as shops are now making you look like a liar and mother is giving you doubting looks.
6. Assure mother that in your jar collection at home you have just the right size jar, and also point out that before yoghurt makers were invented people had to make yoghurt in jars wrapped up in blankets, so of course it will work.
7. Come home and find just the right sized jar, put it in yogurt maker, reenact a scene from Frankenstein only instead of "It's alive! It's alive!" you shout "It fits! It fits!" before holding the jar triumphantly aloft.
8. The only audience for your stunning reenactment is the Daft White Cat who has not noticed any of this great artistic performance and is now staring at you with the "You stupid woman!" look.
9. Wash jar throughly and zap in microwave so you can honestly tell mother you sterilsed jar. All the while debating why nobody appreciates your true genius.
10. Before CSI, boil kettle, while kettle is boiling make up the powdered milk recipe for yoghurt. Add just boiled water to yogurt maker, place jar with shoogled ingredints into maker, put lid on and go away to watch CSI.
11. After CSI log onto blog and write specific case notes on your experiment so far and google yogurt making for more advice and ideas.
12. Start debating about if you want to make Kurma's panir.....

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and dman proud of it.

*****Note: A big thankyou to Cindy for her advice on yogurt making!


2paw said...

No plastic container inside?? You were robbed!! No, I reckon a jar would be just fine. You don't even sterilise the plastic container, just wash it out well!!! It sounds like you are making Cinderella Yoghurt : It fits! It fits! Suzi is the owner of the glass jar!!! I love #9!! I do that at times!!!! I can't wait to see how your experiment works out and...Oh Igor is calling me!!!! ( Master?? Master, come quickly, it's the yoghurt - it's..........Ahhhhhhhh)

2paw said...

Oh look, I have made an avatar and it is popping up!! Now I have to post again to see if it does it again. See the puppy dogs???? See how green it is?????

amanda j said...

Yum, homemade yoghurt. Does it take long? Does it last a long time? I love yoghurt. I look forward to the next instalment.

Cathy said...

Yummy home made yoghurt.

My mob really love it.

Miss almost 4 has the natural one with sugar and maple syrup added.

AJ it taked between 6 and 8 hrs to be ready.


Sharon said...

I am yet to make my own yogurt, it is definately on my to do list.

2paw said...

Dear Suzi, how are you? I have visions of you trapped in your kitched, helpless as the yoghurt continues to bubble uncheched from the jar, filling the room. You are trapped on a chair balanced on the table, eating yoghurt as fast as you can, but to no avail, or..... you're just busy!!!!