Saturday, May 06, 2006

Via Con Dios Casa

Welcome! Welcome dear readers to my casa!

There is a lot of domesticity going on today in my humble casa. I am going to be whipping up some muesli later this afternoon (from Nigella's Feast). It's actually very low effort, unlike her recipe for Granola which had almost twice as many ingredients and required a tad more effort.

Nigella writes making her own muesli makes her feel like she is living in the 1960's, throwing pottery and writing political diatribes. Mostly it makes me feel like a long haired leaping hippie and that I might on some level be making something remotly good for me.

I can not stop marveling at the world wide web and all the information you can find, useful and sometimes not so useful. But while poking about one of my new fave haunts trying to locate the post about Granola, which I did find and you can check it out here. It seems a little less effort than Nigella's, so after I have mastered muesli - i.e become a Muesli Master I shall have to move on to become a Granola General.

Anyway what I found on the way to the Granola was Ghetto Cocktails, now I can not pass up anything that offers cocktails. The offering that most captivated my attention was the White Trash Marguerita made with Corona. I am a huge fan of Marguerita's, the tequila aside I just enjoy sucking the salt off the rim of the glass. Yum!

Back to the plans at hand, aside from the muesli, also this afternoon I am going to attempt a batch of crumpets. Yeast cookery dosen't frighten me, I not only enjoy it but find it incredibly easy. Pastry making scares me however, so I always rely on prebought.

Around all this, I have been charged with the job of knitting a cosy for my mother's new mobile phone. Her old one some how died, my father who had the same model may also be in need of a new phone as his hasn't died yet but it's on the way out. I don't think he'll want a cosy some how though. Which suits me fine as I can devote my time to knitting something for me or possibly for the Mongolians.

And guess who's joined the land of Bloggers? Are you brave enough to enter the Stash Alone?????

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who loves cooking and is damn proud of it.


2paw said...

Apparently I AM brave enough!!!!! If MrsMacGyver can blog, so can ITSA!!!! I love making pastry but am afeared of the yeast!!!

MrsDrWho said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. i don't like to cook, i like to eat others' cooking!!! 'imaginary husbands' are a special interest of mine. i may need to divorce mrmacgyver in favour of jack o'neill one day.........

Sharon said...

I think retirement, semi or whatever it is really agrees with you, crumpets, museli.

Should I know who ITSA is??? I am really slow in these things, she or is it a he knows us and likes green!!!!

Sharon said...

The cat, it's Margaret, yes??????