Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Share and Tell

I am in a very generous mood today so I will share some of my likes and dislikes!

To start with, my long awaited bamboo double point sin sizes 2mm - 10mm arrived today, very thrilling! Then when I logged onto ebay tonight which I have been staying away from to leave feedback I discover that the seller of these nedles has slapped me with an item unpaid. I am far from impressed as I paird for this with Pay Pal and the Item paid column in the My Ebay description had a little symbol which meant my payment was being processed the lat time I was there. It is now showing up as paid and cleared through pay pal on ebay, pay pal indicates that this transaction has been paid and cleared, so I am not impressed.
And to top it off this very wonderful seller is now no longer registered!

I discovered my local Black Spot stocks circulars up to 10mm now, however their double points only go as far as 6mm. I wanted 10mm DP and circs, so I could finally start my knitting with fabric bag kit. Strangely at the time Black Spot were selling these they didn't have the needles suitable for knitting this project in the round as it was designed, namely 10mm.

My Aran earwarmer form the last, not the latest, Creative Knitting has annoyed me to no end. I have a twisty cable, where as the picture shows the design as being like inverted triangles. A twisted cable is not even close. I did see the latest Creative Knitting today, I probably should have picked it up and looked for corrections or an explination.
I also saw the new edition of Simply Knitting, I only picked up the last one yesterday. I am a little late with my knit mag purchasing, as I am as Arthur would say, a little short of the readys....I have become Terry.

Now that I have the Loopa edition of Simply Knitting, I won't be making a Loopa scarf anytime soon even though Cindy made a very nice one. As I need to fit learn to crochet into my schedule somewhere.

I collected my lay-by of two seasons of Charmed yesterday, my mother who was running my errends the day it got put away told me she had been unable to get Season2 and 3 as I had asked so had got me Seson's 3 and 4. When I collected it yesterday I discovered she had in fact got me Seasons 2 and 4.
I am quite pleased as I had wanted Season 2 as I got Season 1 fro Christmas last year. And Season 4 is the first season when Rose McGowan joined the series.

I do like Rose McGowan. There is something very elegant about her, and for a while there on Charmed she got very curvy by American tv show standerd. Where Alyssa Milano seems to have got thinner and thineer every season.....

While browsing Nocturnal Knit Witch I disocvered this Classic Pin-Up quiz and I had to try it.

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?

You're Bettie Page!
Take this quiz!

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Bettie Page? How cool! I love Bettie Page! I am thrilled that I got her.

The last two nights I have had Mushrooms on Toast from Nigella's Feast, very yummy! I have to buy more mushrooms and sour cream so I can go again on that stuff. I'm planning on trying the Bacon and Toamto Hash next, but first i have to whip up some soup. Both to eat now and to put in my freezer for later.

I'm off to to some more Charmed and hopefully some more work on my fingerless mitt, I have finished hte thumb so it is onwards and upwards with the hand section now. As it's knitted in the round I don't have to worry about sewing up, so it's partner may get started very soon after I finish it. Although if I could get he second Jaywalker underway I would also be well pleased.

Unitl next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


2paw said...

That boogelly seller, and now they are NARUed. What will happen next time on the Adventures On Ebay?? At least you have the needles - you will bring them along to be fondled???!!
What a surprise the Balck Spot of Doom Light doesn't have the things they say they do!!! CK - bring the pattern along for interrogation!!!
'Er Indoors did OK with the Charmed then??? Did you see the last ep a few weeks ago? It would have been a good place to end but in the next season they have gone all Buffy-esque.
Good luck with the second of everything!!!!!

metal and knit said...

I dont think i can trust myself with bamboo needles im a bit rough handed and they will probably break on me. Ruby girl boke 2 doing her jaywalkers.

Fifi said...

You have had a lot of bad luck with Ebay recently! My other thought about your needles was they did not seem to have the sizes marked?? That will make life interesting untill you have them sorted out!

It sounds like the cable needle is not being held on the right side? Knowing CK, the chart is screwy!

p.s. Answer my email, Woman!