Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Early Morning News Break

Cue music!

di di di di dint di di di dint!

Good morning. And welcome to this special early morning edition of the Darkside News. Today we bring you two stories of incredible knitters and their efforts to further the image of knitters.

First to the Sexy Knitters Club - their motto is to prove once and for all that knitting is not just for old ladies in rocking chairs. Quite right to! This is something Sharon is a firm believer in promoting as well.
(Alright so technically that makes three.)

Second we have the International League of Midnight Knitters, created by Two Pointy Sticks. This one comes quite close to home for me as I have been a sleepless in Launceston for far too long and often need something else to occupy myself with during the night hours. So much so I created a project and named it in honour of these hours I worked on it, the Insomniac Scarf. Which I probbaly should have been working on last week while I was up watching Buffy in the middle of the night.
Perfect to knit to is Buffy, with all those pointy sticks!

That's all we have for you today in this morning break. Join us for our next news break, whenever some news happens.

Thankyou and good morning.


Sharon said...

Banish that old persons only knitting myth!!!

In a perfect world I would be up all night knitting and sleep all day.

2paw said...

See now I have this image of people I know knitting scarves at midnight in their unmentionables!!!!