Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lookie! Lookie! Again!

We had SNB today, and after much talking and knitting. Cindy was telling me the new Anti-Craft was up. Yeah!

What particulary interested me was this hat. Also being a bit of a freak about asparagus, I couldn't resist the recipes for it!

Cindy was also telling us about a motorcycle cosy. Motorcycle alone would captivate my attention! Cindy has very helpfully left me a comment with a link to it. I highly reccomend once you've looked and admired, you follow the link to the embroided tattoos.Very cool!

I have given myself a goal and reward. If I can finish something, anything, although preferably one of my UFO's, I will buy myself the yarn needed to make the yoga mat bag from Stitch N' Bitch Nation.

And what is the yoga mat bag for? Well to put a yoga mat in! Yes, I'm hoping to get back into yoga. Still the mind and quiet the soul. I never previously took classes, just practised at home with a video tape (does anybody else remember those days?). With a bit of practice at home, maybe a class, I will have to see what they offer at the gym.

In closing, apparently one of my felow bloggers feared for her mother's safety, what I meant and clearly I didn't make this clear enough wasn't that I was going to beat her mother, but rather I was offering her the tag if she was interested and her mother didn't beat me to offering it to her.
I swear on my buried treasure, I would never have threatened anyone's mother.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who's been put in her place.


2paw said...

Can you tell that I have no real life?? That I spend endless hours looking at weird or interesting things on the net? No???
Good goal!! I like the idea of a good bribe to one's self!!!
What are you going to finish?? Pick something small so you get to start the yoga mat thing. Can you knit whilst standing on your head : something I think we can all agree is a useful asset!!!

Sharon said...

That hat is pretty wicked, I actually like it.

Little Purl said...

That fellow blogger wouldn't be me now, would it? Haha, had a dumb moment.
Yum, asparagus.

Karen said...

The new Anticraft really does look good! I love the tips on growing asparagus. If it didn't need quite so much water, it'd be perfect.

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