Monday, October 23, 2006

Another year, another year....?

Now this was taken on this day exactly 22 years ago! We won't go into exactly how old I was at the time, because that will reveal my age and prove Matt Hardy isn't the only one who's old and suffering from Mad Cow Disease ("Denny Crane" whispers the wind).

And speaking of Matt Hardy my Secret Pal who is so kindly sending me something for my birthday, not here yet perhaps tomorrow?? Thinks I have good taste! Well maybe not exactly, what they told me was they thought Matt Hardy was a good looking guy! (Perhaps my secret pal is Matt? Or maybe Bill or Ted?)

Here is my bountiful haul, alas no Matt Hardy ("Denny Crane!) plus some unpictured pieces of eight - that went towards buying a new springform tin so I could make my Chocolate Espresso Cake with Cafe Latte Cream.
The cake is cooling upstairs as I write this in preperation of making the cream to go with it.
What do we have in no particular order:-
A block of Old Gold with Roast Almonds from the DWC,
A block of Club Dark Choc Cappacino flavour, Jack Daniels mug and fudge (Jack so lives at my house!) and the Undead and Unwed, Undead and Unemployed books form the divine Ms Stash and Ash (who wasn't part of the parcel).

The second Naked Chef cookbook (and my first! I have the complete works of Nigella and Ms Stash has the complete works of Jamie and between us we are now trying to gain the complete works of Ainsley!) from my "adopted" Grandma - the poor woman has become part and parcel of our family!

From the beloved but beleagured parents I got a block of Old Gold 70% Cocoa! Love Actually on DVD, love this movie - particulary fond of Bill Nighy(?) and his role in it. And of course Alan Rickman! And not forgetting Hugh Grant! An all round winner.
And some more pieces of eight! I forsee in my future the first season of Boston "Denny Crane!" Legal or possibly NCIS. No, I think Denny will beat Jethro to the shelf this time.
But still Christmas to come! (And CSI Season 4 - hint, hint!)

And then there is the piece de resistance, made by the able minded Green Woman who is an unnoticed genius and all round superwoman who kindly made this since my mother is not crafty at all - a Betty Boop bag!
Not just any Betty Boop, Betty Boop on a motorcycle! Luuuurrrrrrrrvvvvve motorcycles!

However it makes me laugh every time I see it, as it is just so huge! I know I have a passion for large bags as I like to carry my life around with me as I term it. I could live out of this bag most likely!

Not that I probaly will fill it if I do go out, no that's a lie. I will undoubtly fill it. Just be unable to then carry it. The only danger with big bags is you take far too much! Not that I don't anyway.
But part of me wonders, when Sandra D sidled up to Cindy, and said will you sew a large bag for Susan's birthday for me - what were they thinking? How did Sandra D describe the size? Ginormous perhaps? Or do I just look like a giant bag lady who carrys everything round in my bag since the supermarkets frown on you taking their trolleys away?

Ah well either way, it is fabulous and one of the truly greatest birthday gifts ever! I think Cindy has managed to top even the year Ms Stash gave me a Cartman mug (till this day my most treasured possession!), thankyou! Thankyou Cindy Loo Who! (Oh now I'm turining into the Grinch - maybe I will even save Christmas!)

It's time for Cinema Le Darkside! Tonights screening is Love Actually! Have to go see if the Icecream Girl is coming round...

Dear blog readers, later!


2paw said...

Sandr D said the bag should be deep enough and long enough to carry about big folders. There was much sidling. There was even modelling at the last Knitting Coven and squealing hiding ewhen you would appear!! I would be a terrible spy!!! Perhaps a bag can just be a 'bit' too big!!!!!

metal and knit said...

Happy Birthday Suzi, you certainly got some nice stuff. I must admidt the fudge and mug set is just like what I would have for myself. If the fudge says its from grans its from round my parts.

You really cant hide you age from me Cos I think were so close in age it aint funny. I sure like the sound of the cake and well a good flick and that nice dark choc maybe a drop or too of Jack mmm thats my kinda night in.

Sharon said...

Aaaaaawwww what a cutie, happy birthday Suzi xxx
(sorry I am a day late, I did not forget but my lil' sis ended up in hospital yesterday)

Now you know the big shhhh! secret from Tuesday that you nearly walked in on. It is a beauty and I am very jealous ;)

Katt said...

oh NOOOOOW your blog lets me post!!!

So will we be seeing the bag in action next Tuesday? Or will you be working? we want to see it in action though! lol

Hope you had a great day! My pressie is still to come!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a terrific birthday! I was hoping your package would have arrived by now...:( It looks like you got quite a haul, just the same. Wishing you many, many more happy birthdays to come!

Your Secret Punk Pal