Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life and Times

Breaking NEWS!!! Not more than half an hour ago, Ms Stash arrived with Sandra D and a box that was bigger than Texas.
It is the just arrived parcel form my Punk Rock Secret Pal! It was very exciting, but I wasn't allowed to look at one side of the box until I'd opened it.
There was a very cute Lantern Moon Black Sheep Tape Measure, three skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Onyx, a set of Halloween Cookie Cutters, a Palm Forest crochet hook, a dashboard Pirate and Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker! All wonderfully wrapped in black tissue paper! There were also pages from the New York Times packed in the box and I am looking forward to reading them.
I love it all, it's all so exciting. The Daft White Cat found the box exciting, even more excitng once he was able to sit in it.
Now he's trying to steal it, moving it across the room, I can see him as I write this. No, now he's sat back in it, must have wanted a better view.
Now I am all excited, I have to find a project suitable to use my new hook! (Arrr! Avast my new hook! Admire it or walk the plank land lubbers!)

We will now return you to your normal broadcast....

I rang back, then had to wait for them to ring me back. I had a brief phone interview and the upshot is I am going to an actual in person interview Monday which will last apprx 21/2 to 3 hours.
But this time covers paper fillign in, computer tests as wella s a one on one person interview so perhaps not all bad. Which makes me feel a whole lot better.

Now I've I had to go and search out the advert that I rpelied to so I can see just what it is they do and they want me to do.
"Inbound customer service for a telecommunications company fielding calls from a national grid".

However the phone interview was kind of scary, what kind of hourly pay are you expecting? Oh dear, I have no idea what to say to this, will I look less interested if I have no clue as to what I can expect?
So I told the truth just like that ad says, (it didn't have writhing women so some of you may have not paid any notice!) I siad I wasn't really aware of what the award was and basicly I was more interested in a job than what I would be paid to do it. Money cames second to that at the moment.
They pay award rate (almost $18 an hour, there are jobs out there that pay that much???) and penaltys, they don't have those contract things.

I spent last night working on a sock for Ms Stash, I got to 141/2 cm for I could prop my eyes open no longer. I had hoped to make it to at least 17cm as stated int the pattern so as to commence the heel today.
But instead I will be doing the final leg of the leg and then starting the heel hopefully later tonight.
Hopefully on tomorrow, which will be Day 6 I will be right to start the foot and Ms Stash has small feet, so hopefully only a couple more days after that to finish it. I'm putting no time on the second one however.

I'm off to make a Chai Latte, and settle on the couch, take my shoes off and recommence knitting.

But before I go, I had a thought about being a Cyber woman last night, I could then be supreme rualer of the Cybermen and make them knit for Mongolia. I could also make them kidnap Matt Hardy and make him knit fo r Mongolia.
There's a silver lining inside every balck cloud. It's probably a lurking cyberman......


amanda j said...

Good luck! Just be yourself. You will be fine. Try not to mention the knitting!

2paw said...

Excellent news,you will assimilate them!!! I agree, be yourself. A little nervousness is OK, but think positive thoughts!!
Ooh, can't wait to see your swap gifts!! They sound fantastic. Next you will be making a crocheted Cap'n Jack.
I love the tear on the Cyber eye, and I love their marching!! The Foley Guy must have worked overtime!!

metal and knit said...

It does sound all along the lines of what I do for $14.41 an hour and well if it is I am here ot help pave the way. Give it your best shot and think how you can sound like you are engaging the customer in the call. This is a good interview technique and shows them that to a customer you will come across with good manner over the phone. Any other questions just email me on alpacas@ihug.com.au

msfortuknit said...

Good luck with the interview and that just sounds wonderful! What an amazing package love!
You kinda deserve it!


Sharon said...

Wow what a great package, you have been very spoit.

And for the interview, go get 'em girl show them what you are made of :)