Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Long and the Short Of It!

Here it is! Here it is! Here it is! Here it is! The eagerly anticipated parcel form my secret pal! And it is so exciting!

You shall have to excuse my very lame photography skills they do not do this most awesome parcel justice!

We have in no particular preference but the random order my brain can file them in:- Pirate Devil Duckie Pencil Toppers, Black & Green Dark Chocolate Bar with Espresso, a set of Ankh stitch markers, Daz Bog Organic Coffee (Breakfast Blend), Rocky Mountain Lama Fiber Pool 100% Alpaca Natural (not dyed!) Black x2 skeins and a very cool Wizard of Oz card.

Today at work since we are preparing for a conference, I had to help do some of the food prep for tomorrow. I say help, but I was probably more of a hinderance. I probably would have been safest left to wash dishes, however I did get the fab job of trying to scrub out the muffin tins where they had been preparing the breakfast muffins. Trying to scrub off baked on egg, a challenge I met with vigor and beat!

Then I ended up helping to cut up chicken breast ready to be threaded on skewers so as to be marinated over night ready for cooking tomorrow. I may not have discussed my aversion for raw chicken much in the past. But I am now! I do not like raw chicken, I don't like touching it and I usually got Ms Stash round to cut up any chicken I was planning to cook.
A 5 kilogram bag of chicken breast, it took me an hour to cut up all the chicken breast, the cook had done about two packs in this time. 10 kilograms of chicken in an hour? She also managed to cut the fat off much neater than I could. I tried sifting through my off cut pile to try and salvage any bits that had chicken still attached to it.

I know it took me an hour and so was probably not much of a help in the grand scheme of things, but it was all about mind over matter, I had to psyche myself up for each and every chicken breast! Everytime I picked one up I felt my stomache turn, I don't know how many there were as I didn't start counting to the last 4.

I probably could have stayed longer and helped chop up some more chicken or even start threading chopped chicken on skewers, but my stomach had had enough. And so had I, I never want to see another piece of chicken again at least for a week! No Mexican Wrap on Tuesday either.

And something I just noticed about my coffee my secret pal sent me, I noticed it had something about Russia on it so was reading excitedly and actually started to feel the pack. I think it's beans, it is beans! I guess I have reason to finally buy myself a grinder! I'm shopping next week! And like all good coffee, it has the hole in the pack allowing the beans to "breathe" as carbon builds up in the pack. It also allows a good sniff of the coffee without opening it!

Watched the final episode of Jump Street last night, Johnny Depp like a fine wine has simply got better with age, if not slightly different looking. He's features sure have changed over, dare I say it? 18 years!
Ms Stash who dosen't like coffee, but ate my Choc Espresso cake anyway, had the audacity to sit on my couch and watch Jump Street and say "Which one's Johnny Depp?"
Upon pointing him out, she says to me "I don't remember him being that young."

Hmmmm. Grrrrr Arrrggghhh! One of the girls in the kitchen at work had her birthday on Wednesday and has reached the grand old age of 21! 18 years ago she would have been all of what? 3?????

How old do I feel? I'm surrounded by people who are all far to young to have remembered the joys of Jump Street or any other 80's tv for that matter! (He-Man, Vultron, all those Mr Universe looka-like movie stars!)

I felt so olllllllllllllllld, here she is 21, a tiny little thing in both height and width. And who am I? Having a birthday 2 days before? Some old bag lady who is not exactly tiny in width although I may be in height who'd thought nothing could be better the night before when she sat for 9 hours watching Johnny Depp when he was what? All of about 21 himself probably then.
Granted I thought about how young he was and briefly contemplated the fact that, at the time so I had been as well - with one wall of my bedroom wall papered in posters of Johnny Depp (he was the man back then, in every magazine!), well I was very young and you do soppy things like that.

I also had a giant poster of Alice Cooper, that creeped my mother out, I don't know if I still have it stashed away anywhere but even no longer present Alice still gives my mother the creeps!

Alas, I must away and prepare the knitting ready for Bones, and before that a quick spot of ironing for tomorrow and possibly Saturday who knows what I will be like tomorrow?
Hopefully the Daft White Cat will have fetched me a nightcap to be melancholy into on this dreary yet exciting day!

Blog readers, later!


2paw said...

You young people these days, you don't know what old is!! I remeber actually getting TV when I was in Prep. I remember Before TV!!! What lovely presents!! I hope you will bring them a,ong for fondling again!!
I hate raw meat. I used to wear rubber gloves. I am innured now!!
21.....Jump Street!! And there was a DeLuise (Stargate??) and Steven Williams (General Vidrine Stargate too!!)
Hope Bones was good, I was at sewing.....

metal and knit said...

Was it really that long ago that 21 jump street was on.....ohhh johnny depp hes just breakfast lunch and dinner all in one body.

You are so lucky to get your secret pal gifts mine has sent 2 and neither one has arrived to me yet.

Sharon said...

Ooooh we both were squealing at posties yesterday then!! I wonder was it the same one? If so there is probably some poor guy on sick leave today ;)

Johnny Depp is yummo and funnily enough he didn't 'do it' for me way back then but now mmm mmm!!!! he has definately improved with age.

Anonymous said...

So happy that the package finally arrived - and that you liked everything. *kicking myself for not having asked about the grinder first* But we do like playing with our grinder here, so hopefully it won't be too expensive. Or it might be another package...

Feh. You don't know what old is! Mr. D and I are very close in age...which is another clue, BTW. Hope you enjoyed Bones - it's a weakness of mine as well.

Your Secret Punk Pal

amanda j said...

You are not on your own. I remember 21 Jump St very well! And guess what? I used to kiss George Michael and Andrew Ridgely goodnight every night on my wall!! Hahaha. Your little present looks so cool. Little Purl loved your ducks!