Monday, October 09, 2006

Who knows what our future holds?

After watching CSI last night, with the psychic or should I say supposed psychic. Events that have unfolded today that have got me thinking.

First day on my voluntary effort to appease the government, ie I will make myself useful to a non-profit organisation in return for them to pay me to live.
It was a Monday so pretty quiet, I wiped down a few tables, served upa few meals, refilled all the napkin holders, folded about three packets worth of napkins and counted all the tea spoons.
I know this is hardly riveting work, it's more like hospitality actually. But I am grateful I got a placement somewhere being able to do something that will actually have some importance in pursuit of work - giving me that elusive "experience" marked as an essential requirement in all hospitality position vacant ads it seems.

I figure this is a good sign, things are moving in the right direction. Tomorrow I ring back one of the local recruitment agencies, I applied a fortnight ago when they advertised for call centre employees. Yes, a fortnight ago, in a day and age were most places simply make no contact at all unless you've made a good enough impression to be qualified for an interview and these people are ringing me? This has to be a good sign, while not quite what I was hoping for, there is the faint scent of money......

Could this be a twist in my path? Or possibly a fork in the road? Hmmmmm, what I would give for clairvoyance right at this moment!

Also on the weekend I was thinking while watching the Muppets form Space, I was thinking how true it was to me, granted my family aren't form outer space - but my other family is from cyber space! And how did I find them? With knitting!
And how did I come to knitting? Well after several failed attempts form childhood on, I discovered the first SnB book, then never ending amount of squres and the rest as they say is history!
I may not be the fastest, the most precise, knitted since before I could walk or even capable of finishing a matching pair of socks, but I knit therefore I am a knitter.

Even if I had the Flash's speed and Poirot's methods, then I could finish every project I started in no time. But then it would be different processs and I would be a different person. Not one who sits round on weekends watching the body tally in the most dangerous county in Britain keep rising or having deep philosphical thoughts while watching Muppet movies.
I'd be a Cyberwoman.


2paw said...

Oh, it was a spooky episode wasn't it??? Ahhh funny how the mutual obligation is all on your part really... but the call back is good news!!
Not Midsomer Murders?? That show will be the death of me. How I long for Barnaby to morph back into Bergerac. One of his gilrfriends was Leela!!!!!
I Knit, ergo sum!!!

metal and knit said...

yeay for call centres I have been in directory for 6 years now and know that launceston have a centre as well. As long as they say inbound and not requiring sales just customer service they are an ok job. If it does turn out this way let me know I have all the tips for you

msfortuknit said...

I love that you watch as much teli as I do