Friday, October 20, 2006

Bah! Bah! Baah! Bah humbug!

Still no phots, there seems to have been a breakdown in communication. But tomorrow I wil hopefully get some done. Oh well I suppose I can get some more rows done and the socks will look even better.

And you know that recipe for the Chocolate Cake I have been meaning to type up? You know the one I made for the birthday party for Matt Hardy? Finally done! And you can view it here.

Theres something about making a cake that requires a baking dish that is immensly satisfying! Cooking on a large scale appeals to me like those immortal words "Denny Crane!" and Keith Richards (that man is so a pirate!).
I have a few more recipes for cakes in baking dishes so I am keen to try them next. Actually I think I have an article somewhere on cooking giant ginormous round ones that will feed 30 people or something equally stupyfying!
Must look it out and see what I can find.

In last month's Delicious magazine they had a dinner party for 10 I think it was that really got me thinking. And itching to cook.

Speaking of large scale food production. I have been asked to help next weekend at work as they have a conference on, how important do I feel? They need me to help them, obvioulsy just couldn't do it without me! Probably a good thing I am a cracking good sport and all round jolly fellow!

Dear blog readers, later!


metal and knit said...

I seemto always know how to feed and army small snacks are never just for me. I can cook for 3 adults and still do extras for us all for the next 2 days.

Cant wait to see the follow photos.

great foot in the door with work and I hope the other nice job gets back to you soon.

2paw said...

Big Cakes are great. I have made big cakes- someone had a big cake lift out once. Love youe Halloween Countdown!! Happy Conferencing!!! I am sure it would be cancelled could you not attend!!!

amanda j said...

I am envious of the way you think. I tend to 'cater' to large groups (buy someone else's cooking!). You should consider getting 30 local knitters together for a piece of cake!