Sunday, October 22, 2006

What is this fiendish thing I see before me?

It is a clash between CSI and NCIS, I ma not at all amused! At least NCIS goes for two hours so I can catcht he second one uninterrupted as I don't watch CSI New York, I have never taken to it.

Being Monday tomorrow my fave place in the world is closed, the Me Wah and so is alas Smokey Joes, ah well another night perhaps. However I have forgotten to look into the Prickly Cactus which I am still yet to get to. That might be the first another night.

Tomorrow I am making a Chocolate Espresso Cake with Cafe Latte Cream and it sounds really nice. And the picture looks promising. I've even picked next year's cake, the Chocolate Guiness Cake! Or possibly the Chocolate Merange Truffle Cake....

I need to start compliling a shopping list, I fear for a few of my upcoming projects I am goign tohave to purchase new needles as I don't currently have a lot of circulars.
Still haven't picked colours for my Illusion scarf. Must do that, buy Zhivago for Intolerable Cruelty. Get knitting on both these projects!
And still waiting to be knitted is my very own pair of Knucks! I must get around to that before next winter. And taking back the twisted hat. And finshing umpteen dozen socks.

Or I could not do any of it, and just sit and have a nice cup of tea.

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2paw said...

Oh, I agree, I was taping ABC in the bedroom, and in the loungeroom, WIN on the VCR and NCIS on the DVD. Ah there are too many good hours of TV on Sunday, I am totting them up: at least 10!!!!
Ordinary FTA TV has now caught up with where I started watching on the digital station. At last!!!
I have a few circulars I might have one you need. I will search them out and see.
I am having a nice cup of tea as I type: Orange Pekoe!!