Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The famed Chocolate Espresso Cake with Cafe Latte Cream. Ms "I don't like coffee" Stash devoured her piece in no time the other night and when visintg me yesterday devoured two pieces!

The Holy Trinity of Socks - Broadripple in the Dark Blue Prisma, Sharon's Feather and Fan Socks in Regia (which do look incredible once you get into the pattern, I know I've been there and back too many times!. And Ms Stash's Jaywalkers in some Hot Socks.

The camo scarf, a Filatra Di Crosa yarn I htink can't remmeber which though. I must look out a ball band. Forgot the Piuma scarf for this session, next time, again!

Avast! What have ye here?

Halloween Stitch Markers all the way from the Black Stich!

On Monday I went shopping and lay-byed myself some Zhivago ready for Intolerable Cruelty, at the store that can not be named! They had a 20% off sale so made it a much reduced cost.
Yesterday I went in search of Boston Legal Series 1 and couldn't find it anywhere. Very sad, and NCIS Season 1 was very expensive, Seson 2 wasn't too pricey but I'd like to start from the beginning.
In the end I settled for Season 1 of 21 Jump Street, I nearly bought both Seasons 1 and 2 but decided to hold off just in case my nostalgia had me wearing rose tinted contacts.
After 9 hours and 12 episodes, I so regret not buyiung Season 2 at the same time. Ah well just one more episode to go tonight!

Although I didn't recognise soem of the sotrys or the guy in charge at first, and wondered if perhaps I had come in in Season 2, but half way through the series we changed in charge guys and suddenly I remembereed all the storys after that!

Dear blog readers later!


2paw said...

Oh Halowwen and Pirates galore. The cake looks delicious, though full of things I can't have :( (Look a Punctuation person!!! :) )
Now you just need to have a Double Trinity of socks!!! MrsDrWho and I are just up to Ep 100 of Stargate SG1!!!!! Sigh!!!

Cathy said...

Your socks are all progressing nicely.

The cake looks yummy.