Sunday, October 08, 2006

Something's Amiss...

This is the Daft White Cat (aka Jeff), just so you cna all see, he does exist and is not merely a figment that I use to blame Daft happenings on around the house.
Here he is in his fave spot on the desk next to the Count, on the mouse pad where he can be of most nusience.

And the long awaited photos form Matt's Birthday when he and Captain Denny had chocolate cake. I haven't typed the recipe up yet, but will hopefully get it done tonight, so look for it at the Darkside Inn by tomorow night.

Please note - according to the box they were meant to be star sparklers!

Stick a fork in him he's done!
Here's THE Matt tucking into his slice of chocolate cake, almost as big as him, almost.

This ius my latest knittign acquistion, picked it up off a slae table at one of the bookstores for $10. Some nice designs also some more dubious ones, a knitted three piece suit? And it features 2!
Loads of good info at the start about how to's with some well set out step by step pictures. Worth the $10.

As you may have also noticed, the camera date functin was way off. Didn't realise until I took allt he photos but it has since been corrected to avoid future daftness.
I finished my Piuma scarf on Tuesday and have been meaning to take a picture since. That will be the next long awaited photos!


2paw said...

Hi Jeffrey the DWC!! My word that's a Cake bigger than Pluto!!!!
I love to Count too!!
Very swish Sparklers, but were they a bit of a fizzer?????

Sharon said...

Jeff is so cute!!

metal and knit said...

love the cake and well the daft white cat fancy calling him Jeff as most Jeffs I know are daft.

Fifi said...

Well, I enjoyed my piece of the chocolate cake despite the sparkler ash. Heh.

Jeff looks photogenic as always..he hides his daftness well.

msfortuknit said...

your so funny Suz!
I love that you have such good taste in tv and watch about as much as I do.

That cake looks yummy