Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wishing and Hoping!

I am a little green woman of envy! There is some discussion at Stigmata Knits about tatts, I feel left out, I am the only non-inked up person in world!!
Budget jsut does not include my own private ink collection. But who knows the winds can change and so could my fortunes.

Started another sock last night, a Broadripple in some Opal Prisma in a dark blue. I have formed a conclusion about my sock knitting habits, and yes it comes from the Muppets in Space again.

And just so there is proof, will you look at this a Man who is not a model wearing a Marf in public! Who would've predicted that? I suppose Metrosexual is the new in thing.

And then there's this one....ummm....well, I guess it takes all sorts to make the world go round, and if there are men who are willing to publically decorate themselves with womens underware than so be it! I just hope their new or at least clean.
I believe the qoute that often springs to my mind comes form a Terry Pratchett book "the world seen through the leg holes of a pair of underwear". I do believe it was in reference to insane dictators or perhaps mad scientists? I think there was an Igor in this story somewhere.
Back to the picture at hand, I do like that top and I could happily decorate myself in that.
Take it off! Take it off! Ah NO!!! Put it back on! Put it back on!
And you know I think he should go with the red and black pair, suit his colouring.

My dear blog readers, later!


2paw said...

I have an inky pen and would be happy to draw on you, preferably something simple, as I am no artist!!

amanda j said...

A marf! Haha! Stick on tatts are much better, you can scrub them off when you change your mind. Perhaps 2paw could use a stencil like the real tattooists do?

metal and knit said...

Marf that new to me but heck who cares. Tatts mm seen some real nice ones but cant be bothered wasting the knitting time to get one.

Cathy said...

DD and DS both have tatts that look realllllllllly nice.

DS has a scorpion on his arm (guess who's a scorpio) that looks good.

DD has a mouse on her shoulder and a cat face on her upper arm and they both look really good and she said that they didn't cost a lot to get done.


msfortuknit said...

Suzi Sioux

You dont give yourself enough credit dolly! it takes some time to get work done, and to choose the right one. So no worries, and not everyone has work done, so dont fell badly ;)