Monday, October 16, 2006

The Waiting Game!

I'm sure your all aware of the Crying Game, well this is the waiting game. They'll be in touch early next week, thak god for answering machines or I wouldn't be able to leave the house for fear of the phone ringing while I am not here!

As for my new hat, I hate circulars they all curl in on themselves in their packets and are a nightmare to work with, hence the bigger size I need for my hat got soaked in hot water last night and stretched out under my flour containers to try and hold it flat. Ready to recommence work tonight, I did the ribbing last night while on the couch watching tv. Anything to avoid thinking about today, but I am happy with how it went. I just have to hope they were as well.

Over at Stigmata Knits there has been talk of Halloween Craftisim. Not likely to happen on my part, my rate for new projects. But I have been given the green light on food that is art! Art that is food????

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, what will my cauldron cook up??? Ah now I'm not going to say anything definite here. As our knitting coven meeting falls on Halloween and it would take away too much of the surprise element!

No Boston Legal tonight, I am not happy at all. This is cruel and unusual punishment! To make things worse they have moved Sopranos form Wednesdays and put them on tonight at the same time as Criminal Minds!
Oh the agony!

Cup of tea time I think, maybe a slice of toast with jam (no cheese sadly) and some more work on this new hat, with how cool it's been getting I may need it!

Found a couple fo fellow Aussies through my Punk links - Black Crow Knitting and Impulse Knitting Mummy!


metal and knit said...

So I might be promising did you find out more about what type of call centre it is??? I have been dying to know.

I hate circulars as well But do use the odd Addi Turbo as they dont curl like the others. I had a near lost finger via a circular getting wraped during a large all in one piece cardigan.

Sharon said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed this end.