Friday, October 06, 2006

A Quick Quickie!!

I have heaps of e-mails to answer, all of which will get done. I promise. If oyu haven't heard form yet, you will by tomorrow.

Tonight is Midsomer Murder night, I enjoy it because it is excellent knitting time. However the last one was a little disappointing. Only one murder!
I am not alone in this disappointment I am sure, as the star John Nettles once said he's always concerned with the body count being too high so convinced them to tone it down a bit. They were flooded with letters of complaints from viewers because their were not enough murders!

I'm going to work on something, undecided as to what it will be tonight. Progress report tomorrow, along with some long awaited photos, as I will finally be able to get them from camera to computer.

Since it is my birhtday coming up I am thinking of treating myself to some of the Knittery's new Merino Cashmere Sock wool in Moonlight.
And just possibly also a ball of Nundle's new Hemp Wool.

Note to self: Still need to buy Zhivago for Intolerable Cruelty!

Stigmata Knits is having a Illusion Scarf KAL - I am excited as I may actually get the Skull Illusion knitted up at long last. I do enjoy Illusion work, I've been very keen on it since I completed the Alien.

On the shortbread front I have found a Brown Sugar Shortbread recipe I am keen to make, however Tienne got me all excited with talk of a Malt Whosky shortbread she used to buy. Surely it wouldn't be hard to make? Add a slosh of whisky to a normal shortbread recipe???

And on a quest for Ms Stash, since I fialed to find th right site for her, a 2ply lace scarf pattern???? Has anoyone seen one online????

Until next time,
A bona fide sharp pointy stick weilding red head and dman proud of it.


2paw said...

How about the Trellis Scarf from IK?? I have the pattern, I can lend Miss Stash the book. I plan to buy some of Katie's 2ply Merino silk, it has the right metre-age!!!

Isn't the new sock wool divine!!!
I think there should be lemon Shortbread with a slosh of you-know-what!!!

metal and knit said...

MMM add a wee dram of whisky mmm might have to try that. I did buy some nice Homemade Gluten free shortbread today at our produce markets I only brought it as it was shortbread and I wanted some. It is quite sweet and nice as they have icing sugar in it. Looks like darside experements are going to happen.

Dont know if you have kmart 15% off but thats where I got a heap of Zhivago for my knitting needs

msfortuknit said...

You are the woman Ms Suz'! Do tell how do you do it? I want to do that bat in my scarfy? And of course in red and black! ;) I was also thinking of a Scarab then a lotus flower repeated? Not sure
Back to the tele'
Like I said your the woman! Talk about fantastic taste! I love that show~
Im gonna play catch up with my shows tonight...starting with you know what....come a little closer, closer...
Denny Crane!

fitknit said...

Oh, Moonlight is delicious!

Sharon said...

I love Midsomer Murders but sadly I am alone in this in this house :(

But oh yes there should be multiple murders that is what makes it.

MrsDrWho said...

They have to cut down on the number of murders because since he became the local detective the population of the County has dropped by 25% . There will soon only be the murder and Bregerac (yep...can't remember his name in this)left.