Monday, October 02, 2006


The new MagKnits is up, and I really like this pattern, 12:01. Can you guess why????

And also the wrist warmers, but I'm yet to see a pair of wrist warmers I wouldn't give house room too.

I've got a parcel to collect form the post office, I wonder what it is? It'll probably turn out to be something boring after all this exciting thought process.

I'm having mushrooms on toast tonight, ior possibly earlier. Maybe as a late addtion to lunch? I'm trying to leave some Vanilla Shortbread (Nigella's Forever Summer) I baked alone. I love shortbread. But I am hoping to take it along to the coven tomorrow, so someone other than me can eat it.

Catching up on some more blog reading, Stigmata Knits is seeking ideas for a knit along, some of th esuggestions so far are most excellent! I'm looking forward to seeing the final choice.

Note to self: Buy Zhivago!

I watched NCIS last night, it was a bit weird I haven't seen NCIS since I don't when, since it seemed to move to Digital, so I totally missed Kate.
Who, incidentally appeared in a episode of CSI, she played a District Attorney. Abbey was also in an episode of CSI, she was Catherine's ex-husbands girlfirend/singer he was managing.
She had pink hair!
And watching the commentary they were talking about how lucky they were to get her for, cough cough, errr....oh yes for our new show.

Anyway. more reading to do and I need ot see if Boston Legal is on tonight. And also hopefully Scrubs.


2paw said...

I LOVE NCIS: it has multi-generational cute guys!!!!! It is very weird seeing Kate again after Cote is the new person in season 3. Mind you, as they keep showing repeats on TDT she is : dead, dead, alive, dead, dead, alive etc!! Very confusing. Not much on MagKnits this time, I liked lats time better. Happy Mushrooms, and I mean that in a culinary way!! See you tomorrow!!

metal and knit said...

I love shortbread must get myself some more again.Nothing is nicer than a good pot of tea and fresh shortbread. Malt whisky is a nice one and gthe fav of the queen mother but i havent been able to get it since she passed on.

Sharon said...

Oh that pumpkin basket is soooo you, I hope to see it over your arm at some stage.

Shortbread, YUM!!!

Oh and I am way behind in my blog reading and just read your previous post, Flippers is the best and there is no fish anywhere like it. I love the fish at Seaport fish n chips but it rates #2. You have just given me this huge desire to go to Hobart again, haven't been for a while :)

Katt said...

So you didnt really forget the shortbread yesterday you just wanted to eat it all yourself ;)

Did you watch both the NCIS that was on Sunday night? I do enjoy NCIS.


msfortuknit said...

silly suzi
I have no idea as to what you mean? hahaha