Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

How awesome is this Halloween has once again rolled around! It's also a little sad because this is the end of it just about, the witching hour has started. Hence showing the ending to another fab sugar packed day.

Bring on next year! Whipped up some Ghost Merangues and a Haunted House Front. No cookies with my new Halloween cutters my Punk Pal sent me, yet!

What would we be without Living Elvis's?????

I actually bought Candy Corn today! I have often seen reference to them and seen pictures of them all in American websites and magazines, but walking past one of the most awesome lolly shops in town, there they were!
There actually very nice, kind of remind me of Jersey Caramels.

Tomorrow, tomorrow is Dia De Los Muertos - the Mexican Day of the Dead. This is a festival (I don't know if this is the quite the word I'm looking for but it's all I can bring to mind at the moment.) that truly fascinates me, I know I have a passion for slightly kooky and other things that sit outside the realm of normal decency. Anyone else up for poking about in graveyards? I find them very peaceful places, nice on a sunny day.

Back to the Day of the Dead, I find the little skulls and skeltons that come out very cute, I'd like them to have on my mantlepiece year round. But the ones I am most partial to is the skeleton brides and grooms. As some one who has no real passion for weddings, except maybe the receptions afterwards, you know all the eating and drinking. I like any celebration that involves food, especially if I get to muck around in the kitchen helping to create it.

And I have managed to get completly sidetracked, I have taken some photos of the Halloween creations and will post them hopefully tomorrow!
Next year I see a 3D house complete with it's own graveyard. Perhaps in a magazine somewhere...

I have a little Halloween viewing lined up, and it does invovle Johnny Depp. Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, sweets and a weird hermit eccentric - perfect for this occasion!
Also good would have been Sleepy Hollow, From Hell or Edward Scissorhands. Or possibly Cry Baby, that would be pretty scaring filming by today's standards! Actually I wonder if you can get that? Wouldn't mind seeing it again. (Edit; Yes you can! Region 4 too!)

Dear blog readers, later!


Sharon said...

Candy Corn, YUM!!! thanks for sharing with us yesterday.

Check out the weather pixie today, which is now halloween in most places so does that mean that you can celebrate it today too?? :)

oh and thanks for making yesterday a great knitting coven.

2paw said...

What a scary Knitting Coven meeting!! We are a 'coven' though, so intrinsically Halloweeny!!! The gingerbread was yummy and the candy corn!! Harki and Peri had a jellybean each but the WizzFizz was mine, all mine!! I loved my gift Halloween Pirate bag of treats!!!

Katt said...

That candy corn was goooooooood!!!

I never got any of the haunted house!! Was too busy with everything else...Man it was busy in there yesterday!


metal and knit said...

Candy corn reminds me of jersey caramels as well but nicer than them. I havent found them about in my area so I only had fantails and the spooky natural confection ones i found.

msfortuknit said...

I hope that yours was fantastic!