Saturday, September 30, 2006

I went, I saw, I coastered!

Late Edit: My good friend Katt, lost her prized orange feline. A sad loss, at this time I can but reflect on how my prized black and white feline came into my life.
Katt bought him a week after she got her baby from the very same shop for me. Such vibrant pieces of life they certainly leave a void now that they have gone.

Well, as for my recent abcense from Blog land, not from sudden lack of ability to type, or death or some other catastrophe like suddenly for once not actually having anything to say.

I was summoned (yes, just like a royal summons) to go and do family obligation and starve while going slowly mad. I left the care of the Great Daft White Cat to the capable Ms Stash.
Went to the library before I left town and hired the latest Stephanie Plum book through the express service all copies were out and I just couldn't wait any longer. Took me two nights to read it, and Sandra D about the same.

I went Tuesday, journey down wasn't too bad. I discovered in a local store on my journey to Hobart, that not only selling Easiyo kits they had those elusive extra jars!
And the Cadbury squiggle top biscuists Ms Stash has been lamenting she can not find anywhere. Boy do I know that feeling.

And I don't know if it was momentary euphoria or a sudden flash of divine intervention, but I bought the latest Creative Knitting. The first I've bought in a long, long time. Budget dosen't cover all luxerys so I've had to make harsh decisions when it came to my magazine habit.
I really like this issue, even after the euphoria phased. And was pleased to see an answer to my prayers (divine intervention alright), a pattern for a hat I adore that is made out of, can you believe it? The new Nundle Hemp/Wool blend just released! Only one ball - even better!

Furthur down the road in another little town, while browsing through a newsagent I picked up the latest Family Circle and off the discount table The Utterly Unrefined Cookbook - which brings together 50 British chefs with their recipies to help combat breast cancer by raising funds with the sale of this book.

Wednessday??? I don't believe I got far Wednesday, just vegged out. Made a Tea Cake, something I haven't made since I don't know when.

Thursday? I made a foray into that evil empire known here only as the Golden arches for breakfast, foole dno one and ordered a latte, nothing skinny about it. Hit the supermarket, stocked up on contraband with which I intended to smuggle into the house in my huge hand bag - big handbags are important for so many things!
Contraband is usually eaten alone, in my room at night after everyone else has gone to bed and consists of chocolate/Killer Pythons/twisties and anything else easily stored and requires nothing more than open packet and insert contents in face. No careful storing conditions either, stuff that can be literaly stuffed into bags, suitcases, under mattreses, in shoes...
Then I came home with my carefully concealed contraband, two new cd's from Chickenfeed's bargain priced discs loud rock music (Nickelback) and angry chick music (Pink). The first to disguise eating noises and the second because that's how I felt.
After that we made the Christmas pudding, so it's ready or should I say they as we had to make two as it wouldn't all fit into one cloth. Their hanging out to dry now, should be good for Christmas.

Friday? Got out the house and into town alone with Sandra D to test Starbucks, did not buy mug, Ms Stash demanded I least buy one that said Starbucks Hobart when I stated my intentions.
Alas, mugs started at $12.95 and one that said Starbucks Hobart was $20. So no mug, however I did buy a black rubber coaster consisting basicly of the Starbucks logo. It was only $2.
Great place, great coffee and hot chocolates, Sandra D found hers a little strong however.
Then onto my second highlight and regular if secret outing when in Hobart. Off to Flippers at the wharf for Flake and Chips and a Scallop or two. They do truly beautiful fish, I don't know how they manage it. I've eaten good but not better here in Launceston from a very prominant Fish and Chip shop, while good not as good as Flippers. I've since heard that the one here, in actual fact uses frozen fish, so while it is cooked fresh your fish has come form the deep freeze...

Popped into a second hand book shop I try to frequent every time I go to Hobart and picked up four back issues of Earth Garden. Then went to the library and discovered on their shelf, The Millionaire Float by Kirsty Brooks the third in her Cassidy Blair series. Number 4 is out so I am a little behind. Read it in a day. Can't wiat to get my hands on four, The Lady Splash!

Had dinner, with some more of the rellies, fab BBQ'ed chook. Lovely baked vegetables and some fresh aspargus all followed by pavlova and really good coffee.

Today was market day, off to Salamanca. Lots of beautiful but expensive things. I'm still imagining myself with a Led Zepplin bag ($60). I did by a new head band, only $5 so fit the budget well.
Got an early birthday present from visiting rellies who gave me 3/4 the cost of a screen printed bag with skulls ad crossed swords. Some local outfit, they removed the tag because I was going to use the bag rather than have it put in a bag.
Bought some fruit leather (raspberry) and coconut ice for me, the DWC and Ms Stash's beast who is a true fish boy got a treat from the Pet Treats stall, (all human grade ingredients no pet grade in any of the products).
Dried Anchovies and some Tuna Crunch which can be sprinkled on their food, I didn't really look at her dog choices.

Then was the long journey home, why does Hobart have to be so far away, I think they should move themselves closer.
Ms Stash had made me dinner, chicken-cauliflower curry. Absolutely beautiful. Came home to DWC, who didn't scream at me when I arrived, in fact he's rather subdued. Apart form the mad climbing-purring but no slobbering fortuantly.
We watched Doctor Who, a good one again. Look forward to next week, Billie Piper aka Rose is leaving at some point? A little uncertain if it's this season or next, but I'm hoping since this is supposedly "the last tale she will tell" it will be this season and we can get someone new and more interesting in time for the next season.

Discovered this pattern which I am sure Cindy will appreciate as much as I will, okay maybe not quite as much as I will, but as a felllow Terry Pratchetite the concept will amuse. A knitted Death of Rats! I must make one, I love the Death of Rats, almost as much as Death himself. I think in third palce would be Archchancellor Ridccully - shouting at people and jollying them along! And of course the fact he believes in BIG dinners!

Yes, I know most of this post has been about food, but then I am slightly obsessed with it, and lack of it and skull duggery required for certain amounts of it makes me slighlty more irritable and start to contemplate just how eating disorders ever truly came about.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud if it.

Side note: Finished first Skull Sock of fury which is aptly named on Wednesday night, a little blocking, manual stretching and possibly some swearing and then I have decided depending on reults to rip back from the top and re-knit the intarsia/fair isle bottom up. More news when I am less furious enough to look at it with out plottign to start cutting...


metal and knit said...

I love large knitting bags to hide my secret stash of contraband in if you get offered something from the knitting bag it is considered very precious. I guess we all have to have a small splurge sometime.

2paw said...

What an exciting life you have led in the past week!! Stash enhancing of all kinds!! Bah Humbug about the Ireful Sock. I LOVE the Death of Rats!! You are right!!
I think we should be called the Terry Pratchettes!!!!!!!

MrsDrWho said...

Can I be in the Terry Pratchettes club????
Please please please please.
Will someone knit me a Death of Rats ...please please please please.
ALthough the cleaner at work got the firght of her life because the rubber rat out of the Horrible Histories stuff is currently tucked in a corner of my office peering out (blasted kids) and she thought it was real...I suspect it may have had a bit of a battering with the hoover!!!!!!
You have had such a huge week.... home to recover and admire your booty..the piratical booty not as in "shake shake shake"