Monday, April 23, 2007

Best Laid Plans!

My Saturday did bot go at all how I planned, it became rather stressful and I had to come home and lie down for an hour in a quiet dark room to get over it.

I cooked something and was about to tell you about it, but it's gone! I'm making the Slow Cooked Chicken again on Wednesday, or the Drunken Chook as Sandra D likes to call it. I leave her unsupervised....Miss Stash was supposed to be watching her, a dash of Marsala says the recipe. And how much did she put in???? Drunken Chook?
Beef Stroganoff! That's what I made Friday in the slow cooker, Sandra D made corned beef in it Thursday and Miss Stash has not stopped eating the corned beef since, it turns out Mr Naughty also likes corned beef...

Anyway the stroganoff turned out well, dished up and then remembered I had forgot to put the sour cream in before serving, just dolloped it on to people's plates and they had to mix it in themselves. It worked, it tasted fabulous!

It turned out Sandra D did have a copy of the Margaret Fulton Crock Pot recipe book as I said, then she discovered she had two copies! So one has actually made it home with me, how exciting is this I can ring her up and we can both look at our books together and have consultations. Thanks to Sharon I will be looking out the French Onion Stew recipe. I was thinking about the French Onion Soup, theres a blast form Sandra D's past she used to make it on the stove top about 30 years ago? Maybe a fraction more.I have my book out now, does everybody else have theirs out???

Due to all the excitement, what is that Chinese curse? May you live in interesting times? I have got no knitting done what so ever, I am just too fed up to even look at it. Kind of like I am with the Daft White Cat he is a bit of a nuisance, oh just go away and play! When he does go off and play he is a bit of a clown, and I must admit it does amuse me

Speaking of clowns tonight is Alan and Denny night, followed by Scrubs! I feel a late night TV watching must coming on Toasted TV Tortilla! Yum!
And has anybody else tried that new carton of soup pumpkin with sour cream and sweet chili? I bought it the other week and had it, I remembered it last night after seeing an ad for it. While like most of these carton things it didn't really taste that much of pumpkin. It has inspired me for my next batch of soup.

Enough waffle! I should at least think about being productive. And watch some CSI, love CSI! I'm not sure if I will do New York tonight, I've never really taken to it.


2paw said...

Oh stop with all the delicious cooking!! Too nice for words!! I love simultaneous phone TV watching or recipe consultations. I LOVE Scrubs. There will be one more season, maybe a short one, and then it's all over. I think a rest from knitting every now and then is good!!

amanda j said...

Yum! I am actually going to try and cook some pumpkin soup. I never have before - it's pretty easy isn't it?