Friday, April 27, 2007

Wednesday was Anzac Day. Yesterday I went to a funeral, realised I had no idea what the Lord's Prayer was (Note to self - no Lord Prayer at own funeral.).
And today I had a doctor's appointment but on the upside it seems I am in fact still alive and haven't unknowingly slipped into the land of the undead. Very satisfying I think. This afternoon I finally got to see the Queen with Helen Mirren. It was a good movie, Helen Mirren was excellent. But it seemed to focus on the Royal Fmaily through the whole Diana period. It was a very serious watch.

I watched Hoodwinked yesterday, I loved it. It was very very funny! Tonight I find out how good The Stepford Wives (remake with Nicole Kidman) is. And just in case I am soooooooooo inspired to be all I can be and so very very much more, I may have to take up some of this advice!

Yesterday I made Curried Meatballs for dinner, and today I made Chicken and Corn Soup in the slow cooker. It was really good! I'm looking forward to making that again sometime soon.

My next goal is to start organising my photos, I need to get an album for them. I don't really do photos. I'm not one of these have them put on display all the time. I just don't see the point, all they do is gather dust and make more housework then! But I have them floating loose in boxes and drawers, so it's about time I did something with them.


2paw said...

You need Sr Janet Mead and her cool boppy Our Father!!! Ah photos. At least youahve yours printed out!! And as a bonus yu are alive!! Now my work here is done!!!

amanda j said...

Hoodwinked is a fabulous movie, which for some reason slipped under the radar. It is far better than other animated movies I have seen and so funny! "kissies!" I love the granny!!