Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This first one is Lela! Only this I think is the US version because the Aussie version dosen't have as cool as lipstick, bah!

This is what I am next hoping to add to my collection, the Wicked Twiins!


amanda j said...

Aren't they gorgeous? We have lots of Bratz at our house, but none as wicked as those! The latest obsession at our house is the Baby Bratz - Tiny Madam has two of the big ones. What? No, I am not making up for a distinct lack of dolls in my childhood!! (cough!)

Sharon said...

They are so sexy well for a doll anyway;)

skully said...

i'm another doll person-- i have 1 bratz, 2 pullips and 1 dal. they live in a bookcase and hatch dark schemes. :)