Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Off to work we go!

I was going round to Miss Stash's to sit with Mr Naughty after work and had organised to leave my knitting bag there, forgot i had lent Miss Stash my spare key to her house and of course couldn't get in. Mr Naughty did not get sat with and I can not do any knitting.

My rice cooker hunt is over, I am after the Breville Avance Rice Duo! Now I just have to shop around stores and find the best price for it. I know 16 cups sounds a lot but I am getting into the one off cooking sessions to freeze so I can have ready made diners the days I don't have time to cook.

And as for the slow cooker, I thought I might be a weird obscure item that I would have trouble finding anything for. A quick Google reveals masses of information on them! Not only that but there are modern cook books for them as well! And yes Sharon I have tracked down Margaret Fulton's book, Sandra D had it in her cupboard! Now we will all have to pop over to Sharon's blog and ask her what colour hers is!!!!!
She's even kindly offered to share her recipes with me, and from past experience Sharon makes some fab stuff, I am highly addicted to her Date Scones!

I had a nap earlier this afternoon, so am having a supper rather than dinner tonight. I'm polishing off some leftover slow cooked chicken. Yummy!

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Sharon said...

Better late than never, the reply that is.

My slow cooker is white with onions, capsicums and all sorts of vegies adorning the outside while the insert is good ol' plain white.

Now here is my favourite recipe:

Coat some lamb chops with seasoned flower and bung into the cooker, add some chopped onion and bacon. Pour over a tin of tomato soup and 1/2 a tin of water, a dash of worcesterhire sauce and cook for about 6 hours. Serve with mashed spuds, yummo!

I can't believe that Sandra D had the book, how lucky was that. I make the French Onion Stew on page 23 all the time, omitting the tapioca as it looks like frogs eggs floating through the stew! Add chopped potatoes and some vegies and you have a one pot meal.