Monday, April 16, 2007

Yesterday I had a blissful domestic day, I made a batch of Chili Con Carne in my new slow cooker. Which is neither orange or olive green "with a little kind of geometric greek key pattern around the top in a darker colour" alas, pity because that last one sounds very kewl!

The Chilli Con Carne was a success! I have some American recpies for Chilli, which involves neither mince or amazingly more so not one kidney bean! No! I kid you not! Not one single kidney bean!
I'm not a huge fan of Chilli Con Carne or kidney beans, having eaten a lot that wern't all that nice. But I have found the Annalisa brand do kidney beans (one side of the lable says kidney beans the other has fagoli rossi (fagoli meaning bean in Italian, and rossi meaning red), it all depends which sides facing out). I'm very keen on their chopped tomatoes so decided to try their kdineys as well.

I have learned a lot from cooking shows, magazines, books, websites and studying to be a food wench, however I cannot correctly pronounce coq au vin. Never mind I don't particulary fancy making it anyway.
However if I can get my tongue round the French translation of Beef in Burgandy I will be a slightly happier woman.

Powered through a pile of ironing yesterday, how exciting was that? Not really, I find it quite peaceful. I think it's all that repetitive motion - which is what Nigella says about risotto or any other dish that needs constant stirring, the repetitive motion is very soothing.

Then I topped the day off with eating of the Chilli Con Carne, and some knitting! Yes it's that project I haven't named yet, hopefully I will get a bit more done tonight so it looks more ipressive when I show Miss Stash tomorrow.

So far the Daft White Cat and I have had a hot shower, I got into my flanlette nighty, dressing gown with penguins on and slipped my ugg boots on, there will be some warm blackcurrant for me and the DWC???? He mght be under the blanket, he likes to hide under it and purr. I don't ask.

There's a bit of time to fill before Boston Legal tonight, I may work my way through Agatha Christie's Murder in Mesopatamia, it's a Poirot one but I do not remember it at all!!!!!!!!!!

While I remember the Slow Cooker Chcken! Testing it tomorrow so will let you all know how it turns out.

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Karen M said...

I've heard they make chili that way in Texas. No beans at all, sometimes not even tomatoes...just meat and chiles. Not my favorite - I find I miss the kidney beans and tomatoes. Sounded like a nice quiet day!