Monday, April 09, 2007

It was an exciting long weekend, I've been away to Hobart to catch up with the family. Miss Stash gave me huge Milky Bar Easter Egg! The Daft White Cat clearly twigged something was on and bought me an Eggasaurus Egg. At times he's quite cluey.

Then I discovered the upcoming Sideshow with Paul McDermott, I am so looking forward to that.

Then I finished the first Bowhunter Wrsitwarmer, not as brilliant as I hoped, but towards the end I got my groove on and it really picked up. So now I know what I am doing the second one will be perfect!
I also knitted up Saturday evening the first half of a pair of mittens for me! Two in one finished!

Then today I got my very first Bratz doll! I was quite keen on a lot of the styles, but I noticed in a catalogue while in Hobart one of the ones I was looking for and it was on sale for $10! (Well $9.70 to be exact, reduced form it's normal price of $20.70).
I have perched on my desk so I can admire it, Lela from the Costume Party series in a Witch outfit. I nearly thought I had missed out as all the shelf appeared to be full of was Yasmine in her Angel costume. But tucked away right at the back was one Lela.
I ummmed and ahhed over Yasmine, but her outfit didn't inspire me. And there seemed to be no others on the shelf so I decided to wait and see if I came to a more definite answer before I bought her.

While in Hobart, around my knitting success, I whipped up a batch of Nigella's Gingerbread Muffins, a Boiled Fruit Cake (recpie I found on the back of a packet, turned out brilliant!) and Nigella's Meatballs (tomato sauce). Also Sandra D and I cooked up a roast for Sunday lunch. A very enjoyable weekend, with lots of cooking and knitting!


2paw said...

What a clever DWC!!! The Bratz doll was meant to be yours!!! What a lovely lot of cooking you did. I have dome little cooking but I am planning on making Scotch eggs in the very near future!!! Happy Knitting!!

Sharon said...

Will we be seeing a pic of Lela?

Yummy cooking and sounds like you had a great weekend.