Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hats are like sugardaddys, you can never have too many of them!

Well? Did you all survive Friday the 13th? If you've lived to tell a tale you should check out this awesome hat by Obsidian Kitten, so going to whip one up for myself.

I had a surprising find, I discovered I had hidden some of my Christmas cheque bounty away. Now last week when one of the department stores catalogues came out, they had a slow cooker for $50 and it was 6 litres in total, but divided into two sections - 4 and 2 litres each. Allowing you to cook two different things at once, ie dinner and dessert, main meat dish and vegetarian version main.
Now I had been planning on making a trip in and perhaps lay-bying it since there was no rain check and didn't want to miss out on an offer this good. But what do you do on a Saturday morning when you need a cheque cashed so you can hot foot into a department store and buy a split-level slow cooker?????

You ring your mum of course! No answer, after waiting all morning and not hearing form her I rang again. She hadn't checked her phone so had no clue I had rung her. We agreed to cool foot it in now, all that excitement wore the heat off.
None, zero, zilch, zip! We found a boy, looked all of about 12, he had to find someone else, the someone else looked about 16 and tried to at first sell us a rice cooker by the same brand name. No a slow cooker. "Is that different?" Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss...............
We wait while he goes to check the catalogue and see if there is any left in the system. No, none left, last one sold this morning.
"Curse you for being not home!" I say to my mother. We go to look in another store and see what they have, we detour via the boogelly store who shall get no advertising what so ever from me. I spy the slow cooker like a I wanted, no not quite it's straight 6-litre. But still. Wait there's no price! My mother and I searched fruitlessly on the shelves for a price (a lot of things didn't have prices on the shelf!), then she espied on a tiny ticket at the bottom of one side of the box a price - $90.
No! Far too much. Besides by the time I got it to the counter and had it scanned it could have been $1 million! That would not do at all, besides I've yet to have been served in a timely fashion by any staff member, I could overlook that there always crabby if they'd serve me sooner. The sooner you sell me the stuff the sooner I will go away, it's very simple.

Made my way into the next department store after navigating my way around prams and marauding children, why are all prams suddenly 10-feet wide?????
The exciting thing was it turned out there was a 10% off sale on small electrical appliances, unfortunately no pram disintegrating ray guns or small child stun guns. But I managed to got a slow cooker, 5.5 litre with the 10% discount and my now found Christmas bounty I got my slow cooker for the bargain price of $12!
Tomorrow, tomorrow I make Chilli Con Carne in it! Then later in the week I am hoping to make this slow cooked chicken recipe from Punk Rock Domestics forum, and now I can't find it.....I'll find it later.
I've also come across a Tofu and Vegetable Satay which sounds yummo!

I don't mind vegetarian dishes at all, vegan I think may be a little extreme for me. I'm not sure I'm ready to commit that much! But I discovered this site while searching for recipes - Fat Free Vegan. And it had a crock pot section! Hurrah!!

On that note it is hot chocolate time, possibly white I think, I am very partial to it. And some toast and jam to go with.


2paw said...

Nice hat!! I was excited to see you and your mum!! I am like her: am a bad phone checker!! Excellent purchase, what a bargain. Is your slow cooker orange???!!!

MrsDrWho said...

Not orange..olive green with a little kind of geometric greek key pattern around the top in a darker colour.
Excellent work on the bargin shopping. Thanks for not giving the boogely shop named space on your blog. They suck. And you are totally right...the check out people are always cranky. This is just as bad as Target where that assistants are young and can really only help you with DVDs and top 40 CDs.