Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In answer to Amanda's question I'm going to give a shameless plug to My Pumpkin Soup recipe, not only is it easy it's tasty and even Miss Stash who doesn't like soup will eat it!

Made the Slow Cooked Chicken again today from Punk Rock Domestics, that I can see will become a firm fave. I also whipped up a batch of scones, the recipe was called the Best Ever Cafe Scones and my word they were good! So light, and not at all floury. They were really good with some homemade raspberry jam and topped off with some whipped cream.

Haven't got Nigella's Chocolate Fruit cake made yet, I had hoped to try it today but I just couldn't fit it in time. So that is waiting for another day along with a Thai curry, marinara sauce from the Oxygen mag, Tofu and Veg Satay and self saucing choc pudding in my slow cooker. And some Chicken and Corn Soup also in the slow cooker, must look the recipe out before the end of the week, because I am hoping to make it by then.

What I need to post the recipes for is the Boiled Fruit Cake I made the other week, Beefburger Risotto! How long have I been meaning to post that?? I still have to try the Bolagnaise sauce, but I will put the scone recipe up for anyone who is interested. I am very into food at the moment I find I am a little more in the right mood to actually enjoy cooking, I love cooking. It is one of my fave things to do, but some times your so frazzled or so annoyed you end up eating toast or possibly just bread depending on what kind of day it was.

I love cooking! I've been doing it since I was very young, and I suppose it then could have gone one of two ways, I would hate it and never do it again. Or I would develop a unyielding passion for it! Fortunately it's been the last. I owe a lot of that inspiration to my grandparents and the many school holidays spent with them, usually a certain portion would be spent in the kitchen which was always exciting. Things like Tea Cake and Choc Chip Biscuits were pretty standered, occasionally Rock Cakes, probably the chocolate slice we always had and the good old slab cake!
What fascinated me most was watching my grandfather making bread, he usually did a loaf but occasionally he would make it into a plait.

We hit the video store yesterday to look for something to watch this afternoon after lunch, tried to convince Sandra D and Miss Stash that Hoodwinked should be funny - they weren't convinced. I think I might rent it when I return Ultraviolet (with Milla J!) for myself.
If you look at the spectrum as Do you want to do the job properly or just look nice? I'd put Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner closer towards the "looking nice" side of the spectrum. Milla is very ordinary looking in comparsion to these absolutely stunning women but when it comes to pulling off an action flick. It reminds me more of those guns blazing-buildings exploding-macho men action flicks I grew up with. I know where Bruce Willis is, and Arnold. And Sly pops up in the most unexpected places. But what ever happened to Dolph Ludgren? Jean-Claude Van Damme (who admittedly seemed to get a better run than Dolph)? Don "The Dragon" Wilson?
Eddie Murphy went from Beverly Hills Cop to Dr Doolittle! Mel Gibson went form Mad Max to ?????? Am I the only one who thinks since he decided to make the Passion of Christ he's been sightly odd???? The Rock! Who I adore, the man is gorgeous! But up until Doom he seemed to do well, but everybody I suppose makes a dog of a movie somewhere along the line. Then they tried to flog it in two pack with Serenity! Which while not as good as the TV show, further disappointed me when we finally saw the Reavers (big bad madmen of space), how unscary where they???

I am disappointed, very very disappointed! Action heroes have all gotten old and retired, and the villains are getting lame! An unwashed horde that looks like it could be easily conquered provided you stood upwind of them and blasted them with a fire hose just doesn't cut it. However I do like suits working for sinister corporations especially when they secretly cook up some bio weapon that gets loose and everything goes very very very wrong!

Anyway enough of my disappointment, while in the video store there was a sale on, so I ended up getting a couple of new DVDs. Shirley Valentine (I love this movie! Sometimes do what you want as opposed to what you should can be the right thing.) and that classic Dirty Dancing - oh how this takes me back! I got to rent it for my birthday when I was about 10, I think it was.
I've also got on loan from Miss Stash CSI Season 4! Which is very exciting. Hopefully I can watch some more tonight.

Cup of tea time I think. And the Daft White Cat apparently wants something??? What do you want??? The silence is deafening!


2paw said...

Lovely cooking, Su-gella!! Have you seen the video on YouTube of the wedding couple doing the Dirty Dancing Dance?? It made me cry it was so good!!!

Nancy Babyak, PMP said...

Did you ever post your recipe for Beefburger Risotto? A friend in London mentioned this dish in passing and I can't find a recipe for it anywhere - Thanks!