Friday, September 03, 2004

The Art of Illusion

The great art of illusion knitting has me intrigued, knitting something with a "hidden" pattern. Depending on which way you look at the item you can see the design.

For an example of what I mean there is a pattern at Ozyarn called Hearts Illusion Scarf (I'll provide the link here, you may need to click on Free Patterns once you get there but it's at the top of the page).

For another example you can go here and read about a Skull scarf (much more to my liking) and the chart is here.

Failing that, a search with your favourite search engine might bring up other examples. I don't know about books aside form the much talked about Stitch N' Bitch which features the Alien Illusion Scarf.

I am very jealous because a year into my knitting life and I'm still making unexciting things and a fellow knitter who has been knitting five minutes is tackling an illusion project.

That aside, a progress report on the Snow Bunny Hat. I have just 16 more rows of stocking stitch to go and 8 rows of rib and it's done. I did 8 rows rib and 40 rows stocking stitch last night. It knits up quickly this Cleckheaton Show-Off and feels divine!

Before I forget today is Friday - time for Friday's Favourite Free Pattern. And today it is the Mini-Sweater from Glampyre and can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

The alien illusion scarf is driving me mad because I have to concentrate on the chart and can't watch T.V while I knit. Still, I'm half way through the first face and it looks pretty good already! I just wish someone would design a Harry Potter one, as the house colours would be perfect for the stripes and no one would mistake it for a football scarf like the movie versions.