Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Project Alert!!!

I have ventured into my first project using Rowan yarn, cotton and beads in knitting. And yes, it's all in the one project. It's a mini-bag. And is very cute and I love it. I'm impressed to no end that I've knitted something with beads.

Work on the Italian Scarf has come to a halt so I could work on my mini-bag when it arrived late this afternoon. I'm still waiting on my copy of R2.

But my bag is so cool! Yes, I adore it. I will be in raptures about it for weeks to come or at least until I get another new project. Such is life,

I'm afraid it'll be another short one today, it's late and I'm literally going to crawl to my bed, if I'm lucky I might crawl into it.

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