Friday, September 17, 2004

The Italian Scarf

Yes, this is the week where I will get back to work on my Italian scarf. I'm afraid it has languished of late in the depths of the WIP's pile. What is the Italian scarf you ask? Well it's a Hooded Scarf Pattern from a Patons book, it's made in a 14 ply. What I have is a 14 ply equivalent from Italy which feels divine, and is a lovely blue-grey variegated style yarn. Very nice. I'll have to post a picture so you can see what it's like.

The lady in the yarn store and I seem to have the same conservation every time I go to pick my yarn up.

"I'm here to pick up some more of my yarn."

"Oh yes, what colour is it?"
"It's kind of bluey-grey."
"Oh yes, here it is. Isn't it wonderful to knit with?"

"Yes, it's knitting up really well. I love it."

I must go and find it from amongest my pile of knitting. It's all packed into a washing basket and is starting to overflow. I probably need to finish some of them.

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