Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Snow Bunny is in the House!

I finished the Snow Bunny Hat last night, and for anyone else planning to make the pattern a quick note - it says 5 balls of Show-Off. I used 3 to make the hat, I presume the other two are for the pictured pom-poms.
No pom-poms for this Bunny, I intend to have tassels!

Today I intend to go home and knit all the required pieces to make a toy kitten. I will be getting instructions Tuesday how to sew it altogether. After then you'll all be able to see how it went. And after that's done? I don't know perhaps get back to work on one of my UFO's, or if I fail to do that you'll be hearing about a new project very soon!

It is coming up to summer, perhaps I should think about a knitted bikini?

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