Sunday, September 05, 2004

Beach Babe Time!

As the weather warms up it'll be time for all us Snow Bunny's to put our winter things away and start gearing up for Beach Babe season.

Onto the Beach Babe, is anybody else perplexed at the lack of knitted bikini's? There are oodles of crochet patterns available. I guess I'll have to learn to crochet. Which raises the question bikini, thong or boy leg? Hmmmm, this requires some more thought and investigation. What will everybody else be wearing this season?

What else will a Beach Babe require this summer? A suitable felted bag to carry everything in, a cosy for the water bottle, a cosy for the sunnies, a cosy for the Discman, perhaps a felted CD holder?
And of course the mandatory wardrobe, over the bikini a sarong and of course one of those oh so cute little cotton tops you can knit up in no time.

Well, I shall search far and wide for all of my fellow Beach Babes and tell you the results of my search. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Katt said...

You havent posted in your blog since Sunday! How disapointing for us regulars that pop over here all the time ;)