Saturday, September 11, 2004

F is for Friday, Favourites and Failure!

Okay so I didn't get round to writing my Friday Favourites yesterday. But I'll do it today, today's Friday Favourite Free Pattern is Knitty's new Fall Issue. It's just gone up yesterday and has some very cool stuff in it. My personal favourite is the Hallowig. Yes, I love Halloween, wigs and knitting and this is one very cool way to incorporate it all in one. I am very pleased! Another something I want to talk about today is The Red Hat Society, they sound like a lot of fun. If only I were older (you have to be fifty to wear the red hat and purple outfit, under this you have to wear a pink hat and lavender outfit. How boring!). Apparently there isn't a chapter in my local area. What a shame. I'd like to meet some of these Red Hat members. You can view their website here.

Onto a new project I started last night, it's the 8. Feathers Quick Knit Scarf with Tassels from Patons Book 1208 FEATHERS & PATONS 8 PLY - "Feathers Fashion".
After 4 hours work last night I had knitted the entire first ball and started into the second.

I know I can't manage to finish anything I already have started but I can finish a Snow Bunny Hat in 2 days and what looks like a 2-day stint to make a scarf. It may prove the inspiration I need to work on something else and get it finished. Like the Italian scarf. It's another Patons pattern for a hooded scarf in 14 ply, but I'm using some 14 ply equivalent from Italy which feels oh soooo nice.

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