Thursday, September 09, 2004

Celebrity's, Cozys and Chilli Cravings.

Today boys and girls I will start off with my Chilli cravings, or should I say addictions. It all started the other day when I was scouring my corner store for cheese corn chips. Had to have cheese corn chips, must have cheese corn chips. Did they have any? NO!!!
However they did have the Doritos Name This Flavour packs still available. I believe the competition has ended but I haven't checked to see what the names are yet. But these ones according to the packet contain cheese and chilli. It was a corn chip and it had cheese so I bought them. And then began a great love affair. These are too nice. It's very hard to leave them alone - there like tacos only so much nicer!

Next we have the Heinz Spaghetti and Spicy Meatballs, if those were spicy I'd hate to think what plain must be like. It's hard to imagine anything blander.
That was dinner last night, lunch today was a Small potato from Praties. I was optimistic and got the Mexicana. It was almost like eating bolognaise. Second disappointment.
Third try lucky, dinner tonight Chilli Quarter Pounder from McDonald's. I'm sure most of you will have seen the ads for it or the giant signs in-store - Ignite with the first bite! I suspect I wasn't the only one being optimistic.

I ate 3/4 of the burger before it even began to think about igniting and unlike the ads there were no tears or sudden urges to drink lots. However, having said that it was incredible! My only regret is I only bought one! If you have not tried this burger yet, are you mad? No perhaps it's better you don't, then there's more for me.

While talking about addictions and things I'm passionate about I feel I must share the story of the green tea cosy. As a child I would put my mother's green tea cosy on my head and run around in it. Perhaps that's where my obsession for cozys stems from. I really like the idea of making them and I never ceased to be amazed at what people think up cozys for. Take the Beer Cosy for example, maybe a bit late for Father's Day now. But there's still birthday's and Silly Season to come. The pattern for this cosy is an excerpt from the book Knitting Pretty and can be found here along with some other patterns taken from the book.

And before I forget there is the Celebrity Knitting I picked up today while of shopping. It was printed in the 80's in England. Could explain why I don't recognize the celebrity's. There are some absolute clunkers in it but also some patterns with real potential. My personal favourite is the Daring Bare Midriff Dress. Look for that in my album some time soon. Or perhaps the Little Black Dress?
While talking of celebrity's and op shops, I was lucky to escape with my life and all limbs still attached today when I reached the check out with my picture of David Boreanaz/Angel from the TV series Buffy & Angel. The girl serving behind the counter couldn't believe they'd had it in the store and she didn't know. The lady behind me thought he was gorgeous. I didn't think the girl working behind the counter was going to sell him to me, it was very close. I thought I would have to throw my money down and make a break for it.

These were some sig's I've seen recently and reading them made me laugh so I thought I would share.

Well behaved women rarely make history

"If a woman who sleeps with other women is smashing patriarchy, then a woman who sleeps with whomever she wants is just plain anarchy."

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