Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast land lubbers!

The Skull Sock of Fury is fully underway, I'm into the heel.

I made gingerbread muffins (arr, the exotic spice trade, arrr!) and topped them with pirate chocolates (Wrappers have a pirates face pictured on them and a cardboard hat backing).

I may be a working girl once again, I'll know more after Thursday, however it's a an area I've never worked in before. I may yet be able to post pone ringing up about th ejobs going at the Men's Gallery (No experience required, full training provided. I don't need to have worked in that area before! Wonder if they want waiting staff????). But technically I am required not just to seek work I want to do, but any I could do. Oh how I owuld love to put that down on my form!

Which brings me to a side note, apparently in Germany a woman can not legally claim to have exhausted all her employment opportunites unless she has considered everything. This includes prostitution which is a legal for m of employment evidently?
Kind of glad I'm not living in Germay.

Which brings us to a topic discussed at the knitting coven today. Yes, those adverts late at night. Mandy and Candy....
Well in Sydney there are legal brothels and I'm not sure if there are also in Victoria???? So while Mandy and Candy are hot (snort snigger) strippers for your mobile the theroy that this promotes something else may be true but in certiain places at least it's legal.

Avast! There be high seas to be sialed and navigated!
Mad Cutless Bootleg Sue


MrsDrWho said...

Mens Gallery eh !!!!
Will that require tassel twirling???? Will you have to make your own tassels or are they provided as part of the uniform???

I have, however, worked out why you only ever knit one sock out of every pair....you have a piratical wooden leg don't you?? The wooden stump is never cold. How can you knit with that pirate hook ... wouldn't crochet be a better craft for a pirate?
Good luck with the job hunting.....take no prisoners...just your lunch.

2paw said...

Those writhing women!! They interrupt Stargate every week!! Yummy yummy Gingerbread cake!! And we thank you for the special white chocolate!!!

Sharon said...

I obviously don't watch enough commercial tv as I have never seen any risque adds!! Just as well as I am totally opposed to anything that degrades women, we are so much more than tits and bums, we actually have a brain. Mr Brickie calls this my 'feminazi' side he he!!

metal and knit said...

well let mesay Brothels are only legal in Victoria and Queensland. IN vic they have a PCA number to be registered with the board governing them and letters to state what they do.

MMM not the mandy and candy adds.