Sunday, September 17, 2006

So many good things!

Where shall I start?

With my Secret Pal who has sent me an e-card! How exciting??? I am absolutly thrilled.

Then we have an invite to join the Intolerable Cruelty KAL - maybe I will get the skirt made and go to the ball after all! Now I just have to pick yarn.....
Dug upone local supplier, anybody know of any others? Bamboo.

And thirdly, the Bondi Chai people e-mailed to say they'd read my comments on how much I liked their stuff and offered to send me a packet. Which has left me in a bit of a state of shock! Never imagined my ramble would inspire someone to give me something.

And here I was rabbiting on about how things come in three's!

Until next time,
A bona fide and very pleased red head.


MrsDrWho said...

Freebies...unsolicited freebies...that's great. I wonder if the company employs someone to hunt the web for references to their product. I think I will go and blog nicely about Porche, Smirnoff, Cadbury and assorted book publishers!!!!!!

2paw said...

Oh, how exciting. Harki had an E card from Katie and Penny for her birthday!! I'm not sure I want to wear a knitted skirt!! Great Chai people!!! Cool!! Free things!!!

metal and knit said...

Yeah the skirt is tempting but i think it would be done in zhivago ( kmart have 25% off wool) as that is what ill do the silk lace corset in as well.

Freebies gee I wish I could have some freebies from some of my favorite companies.

and the rose doesnt really smell like chocolate